USCIS Certified Translation of Decrees & Birth Certificates

Orders issued by foreign courts are often significant in the immigration process. Birth certificates issued outside of the United States also matter when it comes to filling out a visa application. Another factor that comes into play when immigrants are completing such applications is certified translations for USCIS. They have to be sure to seek the assistance of a professional translator for the translation of their foreign-language documents.

Many applicants try to get their birth certificate or the birth certificate of family members translated. They should get in touch with a company that focuses on the translation of various types of documents. They should also make sure that the firm has extensive experience in certified translations so that they are familiar with the requirements of USCIS. For immigration purposes they must attach the translation of the original document to the certification. A decree is often filled with legal terminology and requires the attention of a translator with expertise in the legal field. It is sometimes used in the immigration process when a parent needs to show that the minor child has the right to move to another country while the other parent stays in the home country. Such documents are critical to the immigration case because they serve as proof of the minor’s permission to move to the United States. Decrees that were prepared in a foreign country in a non-English language can be translated and submitted to immigration authorities. In addition, birth certificates indicate the personal information of the minor and anyone else involved in the case. Professional translators can translate birth certificates and decrees for immigration purposes.

The translators of CACFTI have translated many documents including birth certificates and decrees for immigrants. Our certified translations are completed by professional translators. We attach a copy of the document in the original language to its English translation. We also attach our declaration printed on our official letterhead. Finally, we stamp and seal all the pages so the package is ready for your submission. If you are currently working on a visa application and know that eventually you will have to present your foreign-language documents with their English translations, we suggest that you contact us. We have delivered certified translations for USCIS numerous times so we are in a great position to translate your documents for immigration. All you have to do to get a quote for document translation is scan and email us all the pages you have.

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