3 Simple Steps to Get Academic Translation

Academic translation is a field that many international students get to know when they are in the process of applying to schools in the United States. While they rarely learn every detail about the document translation they will become familiar with the steps needed to get a certified translation for their school records. They can contact us about our academic document translation services to find out how they can have everything translated into English.

To receive the certified translation for your academic records simply follow these three steps:

1-Find out the exact requirements of the school you are applying to. If you are applying to multiple schools do not assume that meeting one institution’s requirements will satisfy the requirements of other colleges. Most international students’ offices review applicants’ transcripts and diplomas. They might also request supplementary documents such as letters of recommendation and birth certificate.

2-Ask the academic counselor whether they need the original documents. Translation companies do not know what schools require. It is the duty of candidates to find out what documents they need to have translated for each school. Nowadays most students prefer digital copies of academic records. Therefore, they might request the electronic copy of international transcripts. Nevertheless, students who come from non-English speaking countries should ask a school representative which version they prefer. If the college requires the original documents, international students should make an effort to provide the hard copies to the translator. They can do so by mailing their academic records or dropping them off at the translation office.

3-International applicants should find out whether the school has any additional requirements. For instance, some academic institutions expect the certified translations of school records and diplomas to be notarized. Again, translators cannot comment on whether the certified English translations have to be notarized. Hence, students should make sure that they understand the requirement of the school before contacting the translation company.

CACFTI has simplified matters for international students who need to get their foreign-language documents translated into English for U.S. colleges. We have extensive experience in the translation of documents for international students. We understand that many students from foreign countries need to have their academic documents translated before they can apply to American schools. We have made this process simple. To find out how you can take advantage of our academic document translation services, please contact us. You can send us a copy of your documents via email to get a quote.

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