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Best Court-Certified Translators for Spanish

California is home to a large population of Spanish speakers. Those who do not speak English and are involved in a legal case often rely on the services of certified translators to break language barriers in the courtroom. The best translators usually ensure that the Spanish-speaking party’s words are translated accurately. They understand that the outcome of lawsuits commonly depend on the quality of the translator’s work. The high population of native Spanish speakers in CA also means that a large number of translators work with English and Spanish language pairs. In fact, thousands of translators across the state are court-certified for Spanish. With so many options individuals who are looking for a certified legal translator must make their choice wisely.

Non-English speakers who are searching for a translator who can assist them through a case related to real estate law should consider translators who have extensive experience in that area. Just because a translator has been certified for Spanish through the judicial system it does not mean he/she can perform translations for documents in the field of real estate law. Each area of law has its own specific terminology that requires the translator’s advance knowledge. When a Spanish-speaker appears in a court in regards to a case about real estate he/she will probably feel more comfortable, knowing that the translator has a strong background in real estate law. In addition, the translator has to fluent in both Spanish and English. Translators who are certified but cannot translate terminology related to real estate law are likely to struggle throughout the proceedings. Legal translators who have extensive experience working for courts are good candidates for cases that involve non-English speakers. CACFTI is concerned about the quality of the services it offers.

Therefore, we complete several steps to ensure excellence in the final product we deliver to our clients. With our attention to detail and dedication to providing customized solutions to clients it is no wonder that organizations in many fields including law contact us about our certified translation services. If you work at a law firm or any other entity that requires certified translations, please reach out to us. We are sure that we can meet your expectations. Our translators who are court-certified for Spanish are ready to assist you with the translation of your documents from Spanish to English so that you can use them for legal purposes. All you have to do is email us your Spanish-language documents for a quote. The best certified translations for courts are offered right here!

How a Document Is Translated for USCIS

Translating a document for immigration purposes is an art as well as science. It involves various steps in a process and the expertise of professionals in the translation industry. Immigration attorneys who need certified translation for USCIS do not have to know all the details for every step. However, those who are curious to learn how a document such as a birth certificate is translated for immigration purposes have landed on the right page!
Probably each translation company that offers certified translation services follows a slightly different set of procedures. At our establishment the process begins when a client reaches out us regarding our certified document translation services. We often learn that the individual has a foreign-language document that will be submitted to USCIS. We can sometimes provide information about pricing and turnaround over the phone. We might ask callers to email us a copy of the document they have in mind. By reviewing the document we can run a word count and provide an estimate.

Once the client has approved the quote and made payment we start the translation process. We will forward a copy of the document to a professional translator. The translator will review the document and start translating the text into English. A proofreader will look over the translated material to make sure that everything has been translated properly. We commonly allow our clients to see the translation so that they can point out any issues before they receive the hard copy. For instance, they have to let us know if the spelling of their name is different on their passport. Finally, we certify the translation so our client can use it for USCIS. CACFTI values client satisfaction and strives to make the translation process easy on parties who contact us.

With our extensive knowledge and expertise in the translation industry we are ready to serve anyone who needs certified translation service. We are confident that you will be impressed with our prompt service and English translations. We encourage you to visit us online or contact us if you have questions or need more information about how you can get a document translated for an immigration application. Letting experts handle the translation of your documents will probably relieve you of the stress associated with managing foreign-language documents in an immigration matter. We provide certified translations for USCIS and other entities that require a certified translation. We support many languages so if you do not see the language you need listed on our website, please ask us.

Example of Documents International Students Get Translated

International students who are applying to community colleges in the United States commonly have to follow the school’s instructions for foreign nationals. The directions usually instruct international applicants to provide the certified translation of several documents. They seek academic document translation services for their foreign-language transcripts, diploma, and student ID. Candidates who have finished high school in a non-English speaking country can still submit their application for consideration by having their academic records translated into English. Many firms in cities such as Los Angeles offer translation services for documents.

A diploma is an example of a document that many community colleges expect to receive from international applicants. The document serves as proof of the applicant’s completion of high school abroad. It is a simple document with a few lines that state the degree holder’s name and the institution’s name.

Another document that is important for admissions and applicants often submit to translation companies is transcript. School records that indicate course titles, grades, units, and academic standing are significant to the community college because they show the performance of the student. In some countries, such as Cameroon, grades are out of a maximum of 20 points. Community colleges that receive documents from such countries should keep in mind that the grades on grade sheets are out of 20. Translators do not normally add this point in their translations.

Some schools offer scholarships to candidates who exhibit excellence in their academic performance. Students who have excelled academically in their home country might wish to submit their records to the American school to find out whether they qualify for scholarships. Since their documents are in a language other than English, they would have to send them to a firm that provides professional translation services.

Finally, community colleges often request a document that displays the applicant’s date of birth. They only accept those who are over the age of 18. Many applicants from non-English speaking countries produce a copy of their student ID card. Schools that issue ID cards to their students often mention date of birth.

CACFTI has seen many examples of documents that international students need to have translated. Our vast experience in the area of certified translation has equipped us with the knowledge to serve international students. We have translated school transcripts and other academic forms from foreign languages to English. We hope that our academic document translation services help international students meet the requirement of community colleges. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our offering.

Medical Translation: Translation of Medical Records from Mexico

Medical Translation: Translation of Medical Records from Mexico
Patients from Mexico who have come to the United States in the hopes of receiving medical attention at top hospitals often have to produce their medical documents in the English language. Los Angeles hospitals that are well-known for their excellence in research and care draw a large number of medical tourists. Translation companies in Los Angeles commonly receive a number of medical documents from Spanish-speakers who are interested in getting their medical records translated into English. The short distance between the United States and Latin American countries invites many people from the region. Such individuals submit the certified translation of their test results, prescriptions, and doctor notes to the American hospital.

Individuals who come from Mexico and have Spanish-language documents from a hospital in their home country can present their documents to a translation company that specializes in the translation of medical terminology. Such text is typically difficult for translators who do not focus on medical translation. Translating medical text requires the expertise and knowledge of a professional translator who can complete the translation without looking up terms.
Mexicans who travel to the United States to undergo a certain medical procedure must make sure that the quality of the translations they provide to the American hospital is excellent. American physicians need to know the medical history of the foreign patients before they can start the treatment process.

Medical tourism has become more popular over the past decade due to the momentum of globalization. Advancements in medical care in the Western World have prompted many patients to seek medical attention away from home. Using the Internet people can research hospitals and clinics in other countries to determine which one offers the best medical services. CACFTI can efficiently handle the translation of medical documents. Our translators who are competent in the translation of medical language are ready to translate your hospital documents. We invite you to visit us online to learn more about our document translation services. We have translated documents for many organizations in Los Angeles. We are confident that we can translate your medical documents professionally.

Please let us know if you are looking for a translation company in LA. Mexican patients can count on our Spanish translators to carry out the translation of their medical records. Our translators who have a solid background in medicine and are fluent in both English and Spanish are interested in assisting you. Are you living in other cities? We can mail your translations to many parts of the country.

Certified Translation of Emails Used in Court

Individuals who have hired a lawyer to help them bring a lawsuit against a party often have to collect data that will help support their position. While each case is different, many involve the collection of emails exchanged between senders and recipients. Emails written in a foreign language are sent to a company that offers certified translations for courts. Speakers of languages such as Farsi and Arabic often use the English alphabet to compose emails. When the translator is going through the text he must make sure that he understands the transliteration before he can translate them into English. Some letters in those languages do not exist in English. It is common for native speakers to express the sounds using numbers. It is the translator’s job to figure out the meaning of the emails and translate them accurately for the court.

Often lawyers and litigation support firms submit the emails they have received from their clients to a translation company because they do not know which parts are relevant. When they receive the English translation they decide which sections are crucial to the case. Therefore, it is imperative for the translator to translate the text properly because the lawyer has to pick out the relevant information. Translators who are reliable and provide faithful translations help lawyers do their jobs. They deliver clear translations that read as well as the original document. Their translations do not distort the meaning of the foreign language document. Translating high volumes of emails is usually a tedious task especially when the translator has to meet a tight deadline. Nevertheless, experienced translators usually can work well under pressure. They have translated many documents for courts and can quickly come up with the English translation of the emails or documents.

Since people commonly consider communication via emails confidential, they are more likely to reveal sensitive information electronically. Such comments sometimes are used in a court to prove a point. Lawyers who are assisting clients who have non-English language emails can get the assistance of companies that specialize in certified document translation. Translators who have worked in the legal industry and are approved to work as court-certified translators can help lawyers prepare the required documents. Court-certified translations of emails and other foreign language documents are necessary for cases that involve non-English speakers. CACFTI hopes to receive the documents you need to have translated for legal purposes. Our translators do their best to provide top-quality translation services.