How a Document Is Translated for USCIS

Translating a document for immigration purposes is an art as well as science. It involves various steps in a process and the expertise of professionals in the translation industry. Immigration attorneys who need certified translation for USCIS do not have to know all the details for every step. However, those who are curious to learn how a document such as a birth certificate is translated for immigration purposes have landed on the right page!
Probably each translation company that offers certified translation services follows a slightly different set of procedures. At our establishment the process begins when a client reaches out us regarding our certified document translation services. We often learn that the individual has a foreign-language document that will be submitted to USCIS. We can sometimes provide information about pricing and turnaround over the phone. We might ask callers to email us a copy of the document they have in mind. By reviewing the document we can run a word count and provide an estimate.

Once the client has approved the quote and made payment we start the translation process. We will forward a copy of the document to a professional translator. The translator will review the document and start translating the text into English. A proofreader will look over the translated material to make sure that everything has been translated properly. We commonly allow our clients to see the translation so that they can point out any issues before they receive the hard copy. For instance, they have to let us know if the spelling of their name is different on their passport. Finally, we certify the translation so our client can use it for USCIS. CACFTI values client satisfaction and strives to make the translation process easy on parties who contact us.

With our extensive knowledge and expertise in the translation industry we are ready to serve anyone who needs certified translation service. We are confident that you will be impressed with our prompt service and English translations. We encourage you to visit us online or contact us if you have questions or need more information about how you can get a document translated for an immigration application. Letting experts handle the translation of your documents will probably relieve you of the stress associated with managing foreign-language documents in an immigration matter. We provide certified translations for USCIS and other entities that require a certified translation. We support many languages so if you do not see the language you need listed on our website, please ask us.

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