Example of Documents International Students Get Translated

International students who are applying to community colleges in the United States commonly have to follow the school’s instructions for foreign nationals. The directions usually instruct international applicants to provide the certified translation of several documents. They seek academic document translation services for their foreign-language transcripts, diploma, and student ID. Candidates who have finished high school in a non-English speaking country can still submit their application for consideration by having their academic records translated into English. Many firms in cities such as Los Angeles offer translation services for documents.

A diploma is an example of a document that many community colleges expect to receive from international applicants. The document serves as proof of the applicant’s completion of high school abroad. It is a simple document with a few lines that state the degree holder’s name and the institution’s name.

Another document that is important for admissions and applicants often submit to translation companies is transcript. School records that indicate course titles, grades, units, and academic standing are significant to the community college because they show the performance of the student. In some countries, such as Cameroon, grades are out of a maximum of 20 points. Community colleges that receive documents from such countries should keep in mind that the grades on grade sheets are out of 20. Translators do not normally add this point in their translations.

Some schools offer scholarships to candidates who exhibit excellence in their academic performance. Students who have excelled academically in their home country might wish to submit their records to the American school to find out whether they qualify for scholarships. Since their documents are in a language other than English, they would have to send them to a firm that provides professional translation services.

Finally, community colleges often request a document that displays the applicant’s date of birth. They only accept those who are over the age of 18. Many applicants from non-English speaking countries produce a copy of their student ID card. Schools that issue ID cards to their students often mention date of birth.

CACFTI has seen many examples of documents that international students need to have translated. Our vast experience in the area of certified translation has equipped us with the knowledge to serve international students. We have translated school transcripts and other academic forms from foreign languages to English. We hope that our academic document translation services help international students meet the requirement of community colleges. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our offering.

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