Medical Translation: Translation of Medical Records from Mexico

Medical Translation: Translation of Medical Records from Mexico
Patients from Mexico who have come to the United States in the hopes of receiving medical attention at top hospitals often have to produce their medical documents in the English language. Los Angeles hospitals that are well-known for their excellence in research and care draw a large number of medical tourists. Translation companies in Los Angeles commonly receive a number of medical documents from Spanish-speakers who are interested in getting their medical records translated into English. The short distance between the United States and Latin American countries invites many people from the region. Such individuals submit the certified translation of their test results, prescriptions, and doctor notes to the American hospital.

Individuals who come from Mexico and have Spanish-language documents from a hospital in their home country can present their documents to a translation company that specializes in the translation of medical terminology. Such text is typically difficult for translators who do not focus on medical translation. Translating medical text requires the expertise and knowledge of a professional translator who can complete the translation without looking up terms.
Mexicans who travel to the United States to undergo a certain medical procedure must make sure that the quality of the translations they provide to the American hospital is excellent. American physicians need to know the medical history of the foreign patients before they can start the treatment process.

Medical tourism has become more popular over the past decade due to the momentum of globalization. Advancements in medical care in the Western World have prompted many patients to seek medical attention away from home. Using the Internet people can research hospitals and clinics in other countries to determine which one offers the best medical services. CACFTI can efficiently handle the translation of medical documents. Our translators who are competent in the translation of medical language are ready to translate your hospital documents. We invite you to visit us online to learn more about our document translation services. We have translated documents for many organizations in Los Angeles. We are confident that we can translate your medical documents professionally.

Please let us know if you are looking for a translation company in LA. Mexican patients can count on our Spanish translators to carry out the translation of their medical records. Our translators who have a solid background in medicine and are fluent in both English and Spanish are interested in assisting you. Are you living in other cities? We can mail your translations to many parts of the country.

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