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Translation of Documents for USCIS: What You Need to Know

Individuals who currently live outside of the United States and are interested in moving to the United States through a work or student visa might be trying to find out what documents they have to submit with their application. Certified translations for USCIS constitute one element of their application. Foreigners from non-English speaking countries who are completing an application for work or student visa often want to know what they need to do to satisfy the requirements of immigration. They have to be aware that their translations must be certified. Applications that are accompanied with foreign-language documents usually create complications for individuals who are applying for a visa.

Immigration authorities expect to receive a copy of the documents in a non-English language along with their certified translations. In addition, the translation typically must state where the document was issued. Birth certificates commonly bear a stamp or seal that indicates where the document was printed. The translator should try to read the stamp and translate the text. Sometimes the text is illegible because the stamp is fading. Translators who have extensive experience translating various documents sometimes can read the words even if the ink is a bit faded. When the translator is translating a document for immigration application but cannot read the text within the stamp or seal can insert [illegible]. Most birth certificates have one stamp on top and another one on the bottom of the page. Therefore, the translator can review both sections to try to figure out what the text says.

Those who are looking to get a certified translation for immigration should contact a service provider that has translated many documents for individuals who were working on a visa application for USCIS. They should also note that the translator is fluent in the source language and English. CACFTI has solid experience with the translation of documents for individuals who were working on their visa application. We have translated many birth certificates, divorce decrees, and other documents from foreign languages to English. We have translated such documents for immigration and attorneys who specialize in immigration law. We are confident in our ability to deliver top-quality translations of your foreign-language documents. Whether you are applying for employment or student based visa we can provide a certified translation of documents you need to submit with your application. Our certified translations for USCIS are always professionally completed and presentable for your audience. You can send us your documents via email for a quote.