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Certified Translation of School Transcripts & Diplomas

Many colleges in the United States have set up an international students’ office to accommodate the needs of candidates and students who come from foreign countries. Before candidates apply advisors often answer questions about academic document translation services and how applicants can get their credentials translated. In order to be considered candidates usually have to submit an international student application along with supplementary documents such as their academic records and letter of reference. Candidates from France, let us assume, would have to check with the prospective school’s international student office regarding their requirements. Once they have figured out what they need to present to the institution they can reach out to a professional translator to get a certified translation.

They would request an English translation of their French-language documents. They can seek the assistance of a well-qualified translator who is fluent in both English and French and can translate both ways. Students from other countries can follow the same procedure. Experienced translators who work for reputable companies typically can translate academic language. Applicants from non-English speaking countries often want to pursue higher degrees in the United States because they are interested in totally immersing themselves in an academic ambiance in which English is the primary language. They can successfully meet the requirement of schools that expect certified translations by submitting their documents to firms that offer professional translation services. Organizations that have translated documents for international students and schools that receive foreign-language documents can often assist individuals who want certified translations. They have translated student ID cards, diplomas, transcripts, and other documents that applicants need to complete their admissions application.

CACFTI helps foreign candidates with their application process. We offer premium quality translations for grade sheets, school certificates, and letters of recommendation. Our translators have sharpened their skills over the years by delivering the translation of numerous documents for international students. Many of them have taken courses in languages or translation and possess superior skills. They have the relevant skills required to translate academic documents. They are ready to use their knowledge and skills to professionally translate your documents. Our goal is to provide the certified translations you need to submit your application to U.S. colleges and universities. We are strongly motivated to provide the best academic document translation services you would render. Please get in touch with us about our certified document translations. All documents can be sent to us by email for a quote.

Translation of Birth Certificates in Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles draws immigrations from various parts of the world. Immigrants who move to the United States from non-English speaking countries often need the translation of their birth certificates. A translation company in LA that translates birth certificates from foreign languages to English typically has translated documents for individuals who were intending to submit the certified translation to USCIS, an academic institution, or an employer. Immigration lawyers across the city who help individuals with their visa application commonly work with companies that provide certified translations. They sometimes need a document such as a birth certificate or a marriage license translated into English.

For instance, a party from Buenos Aires that holds official documents in Spanish and consults with an immigration attorney who suggests that the documents get translated into English might consider contacting a translation firm. The documents would have to be translated from Spanish into English and certified for the immigration application. Likewise, candidates who are considering U.S. schools for their next academic experience might be asked for the certified translation of their transcripts and diplomas. Community colleges and other private institutions across the city that offer courses could request a copy of the original documents along with their English translations. The translation of the document would be presented with their application. Finally, foreigners who are seeking employment opportunities in the United States might be asked to submit a copy of an official document that verifies their identity.

They can usually provide a copy of their ID or birth certificate so that the employer can verify their personal information including name, date of birth, and place of birth. For instance, a candidate from Mexico City who needs to provide his personal information to a prospective employer can seek Spanish to English translation services. Organizations that specialize in document translation usually support many languages including Spanish. CACFTI is committed to translating birth certificates professionally. Our translators who are truly skilled in the art and science of document translation are ready to assist individuals who are looking for document translation services. We are aware that many entities request English translations for various documents. We can handle the translation of many types of documents. Please contact us to find out how you can get your documents translated. You do not have to be in Los Angeles to render our professional translation services. Send us your documents by email to get a quote no matter where you are!

Translation of German Patent for U.S. Court

The German automobile industry has garnered attention from entities in other regions due to the quality of German engineering. Auto manufacturers in Germany that believe competitors in the United States have unlawfully copied their technology can seek justice by rendering court-certified translation services. Translators who are proficient in German and English and have experience in the translation of technical documents often can translate patents with minimal supervision. They have translated documents for multiple companies in the auto industry so they have sufficient knowledge of the field. Car manufacturers in Germany or other parts of the world that have tried to protect their intellectual property rights but believe that an entity in a foreign country has infringed on their rights can take the case to an American court.

With the assistance of translators who focus on providing certified translation services for legal documents they can remove language barriers. They can present their patents with their certified English translations to the court. CACFTI is dedicated to delivering top-quality translations for various types of documents. Our translators have extensive experience in the translation industry. They possess extraordinary skills in the translation of text from German to English. When you choose us as your partner in a patent litigation you will receive outstanding service. We have translated documents for various law firms across the United States and are ready to help you with the translation of the documents you need to take to a court. We understand that companies in the automobile industry often invest heavily in developing and improving their technology and processes. As a result, they commonly try to protect their patented technology. German manufacturers that learn about an American firm’s unlawful usage of patented technology can start a lawsuit in the United States. One of the components that they have to prepare is the translation of German-language patents.

During trial it will be important for the plaintiff to produce an English translation of foreign-language patents. Foreign companies that have never filed a lawsuit in the United States usually are unfamiliar with the process and the requirement of courts for non-English language documents. Before submitting key documents to courts they must get them translated. Companies that specialize in certified translations for courts can often handle the translation of complex text such as patents. We encourage you to get in touch with us if you need court-certified translation services. We are confident in our translators’ ability to effectively translate your foreign-language documents to English.

Before You Submit a Translation for Immigration Make Sure

When you are ready to send your paperwork to USCIS you should double check your application to make sure you have all the relevant sections filled out properly. A common mistake is to attach foreign language documents without their English translations. Certified translations for USCIS are critical to the application process. In fact, it is mentioned on immigration department’s official website. Individuals who assumed their personal documents could be submitted in the original language should probably read the guidelines to ensure compliance. Many applicants have experienced delays or rejections because they failed to provide a certified translation for their non-English language documents.
Before assuming your application is complete, we suggest that you review all the documents you are planning to deliver to make sure that non-English language documents are accompanied by their certified translations. We have heard stories about individuals who prepared a non-certified translation, assuming it would meet the expectation of immigration authorities. However, later on they learned that they had to supply a certified translation. Anyone who is ready to fill out a visa application or petition and wants to go over a checklist to ensure completeness should be sure to check off certified document translation. In order to receive a translation acceptable for an immigration matter they can contact a translation company that offers certified translation services. Firms with solid experience in the translation of documents from foreign languages into English can come to the assistance of immigrants who need their personal documents translated.

CACFTI is a company committed to delivering top-quality translations for its clients. We consider ourselves a leading provider of document translation service in Los Angeles. We have translated documents from various languages including Romanian, Polish, German, Farsi, and Japanese to English. Many of our clients come to us because they are looking for a certified translation for immigration applications. We are happy to translate and certify the foreign-language documents you need to send in with your immigration application. Please let us know whether you would like us to notarize the translations as well. We have translated many documents including marriage licenses, birth certificates, and divorce decrees for immigrants. We are interested in speaking with you if you are seeking certified translations for USCIS or other organizations. Documents can be emailed to us for a quote. If you are double checking your paperwork and have just realized that your foreign-language documents need to be translated, please get in touch with us.

Useful Tips for Getting a Diploma Translated

International student offices focus on serving the needs of applicants from foreign countries. They provide academic advice and information candidates need in order to complete their application. One part of the application that students often need help with is the supplementary documents. Many schools require applicants from non-English speaking countries to submit certified translations of their diploma. They have to seek academic document translation services from a reliable company. International student counselors sometimes maintain a list of service providers that applicants can use to get their diplomas translated.

-First tip: check with the school to see if they have a list of translators. Sometimes educational institutions have their own translators on their team so you do not have to go to a third party to get your diploma translated.

-Second tip: in the event that the college you are applying to does not provide a list of translators search for a top company. Organizations that have extensive experience in the translation of documents for international students commonly can carry out the translation of diplomas and academic records.

-Third tip: ask the translator or the translation company to send you the digital copy before they mail you the papers. Students who receive the translation via email have the opportunity to review the file to make sure it has been translated accurately. In addition, they can check the spelling of their name. Translators do not always know how to spell proper nouns because with some names variations are possible.

-Fourth tip: when you contact the international student office at your school ask how many copies they will need to process your application. Some admissions committees request multiple copies so you cannot assume that one copy will be sufficient.

-Fifth tip: Have the translation company or the translator send the certified translation of your academic documents directly to the school of your choice. While some colleges accept translations that applicants send with their application, others prefer to receive the documents from the translator. Certified translations from translation companies are considered official.

We consider ourselves leaders in the area of document translation service. We rely on professional translators with rich experience in academic translation to deliver the translation of your documents. We understand that accuracy and promptness matter to applicants who come from non-English speaking countries. We have created an efficient system that enables us to serve international students quickly without losing accuracy. We encourage international applicants to contact us to learn more about our academic document translation services. We are available to answer your questions.