Translation of German Patent for U.S. Court

The German automobile industry has garnered attention from entities in other regions due to the quality of German engineering. Auto manufacturers in Germany that believe competitors in the United States have unlawfully copied their technology can seek justice by rendering court-certified translation services. Translators who are proficient in German and English and have experience in the translation of technical documents often can translate patents with minimal supervision. They have translated documents for multiple companies in the auto industry so they have sufficient knowledge of the field. Car manufacturers in Germany or other parts of the world that have tried to protect their intellectual property rights but believe that an entity in a foreign country has infringed on their rights can take the case to an American court.

With the assistance of translators who focus on providing certified translation services for legal documents they can remove language barriers. They can present their patents with their certified English translations to the court. CACFTI is dedicated to delivering top-quality translations for various types of documents. Our translators have extensive experience in the translation industry. They possess extraordinary skills in the translation of text from German to English. When you choose us as your partner in a patent litigation you will receive outstanding service. We have translated documents for various law firms across the United States and are ready to help you with the translation of the documents you need to take to a court. We understand that companies in the automobile industry often invest heavily in developing and improving their technology and processes. As a result, they commonly try to protect their patented technology. German manufacturers that learn about an American firm’s unlawful usage of patented technology can start a lawsuit in the United States. One of the components that they have to prepare is the translation of German-language patents.

During trial it will be important for the plaintiff to produce an English translation of foreign-language patents. Foreign companies that have never filed a lawsuit in the United States usually are unfamiliar with the process and the requirement of courts for non-English language documents. Before submitting key documents to courts they must get them translated. Companies that specialize in certified translations for courts can often handle the translation of complex text such as patents. We encourage you to get in touch with us if you need court-certified translation services. We are confident in our translators’ ability to effectively translate your foreign-language documents to English.

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