Before You Submit a Translation for Immigration Make Sure

When you are ready to send your paperwork to USCIS you should double check your application to make sure you have all the relevant sections filled out properly. A common mistake is to attach foreign language documents without their English translations. Certified translations for USCIS are critical to the application process. In fact, it is mentioned on immigration department’s official website. Individuals who assumed their personal documents could be submitted in the original language should probably read the guidelines to ensure compliance. Many applicants have experienced delays or rejections because they failed to provide a certified translation for their non-English language documents.
Before assuming your application is complete, we suggest that you review all the documents you are planning to deliver to make sure that non-English language documents are accompanied by their certified translations. We have heard stories about individuals who prepared a non-certified translation, assuming it would meet the expectation of immigration authorities. However, later on they learned that they had to supply a certified translation. Anyone who is ready to fill out a visa application or petition and wants to go over a checklist to ensure completeness should be sure to check off certified document translation. In order to receive a translation acceptable for an immigration matter they can contact a translation company that offers certified translation services. Firms with solid experience in the translation of documents from foreign languages into English can come to the assistance of immigrants who need their personal documents translated.

CACFTI is a company committed to delivering top-quality translations for its clients. We consider ourselves a leading provider of document translation service in Los Angeles. We have translated documents from various languages including Romanian, Polish, German, Farsi, and Japanese to English. Many of our clients come to us because they are looking for a certified translation for immigration applications. We are happy to translate and certify the foreign-language documents you need to send in with your immigration application. Please let us know whether you would like us to notarize the translations as well. We have translated many documents including marriage licenses, birth certificates, and divorce decrees for immigrants. We are interested in speaking with you if you are seeking certified translations for USCIS or other organizations. Documents can be emailed to us for a quote. If you are double checking your paperwork and have just realized that your foreign-language documents need to be translated, please get in touch with us.

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