Useful Tips for Getting a Diploma Translated

International student offices focus on serving the needs of applicants from foreign countries. They provide academic advice and information candidates need in order to complete their application. One part of the application that students often need help with is the supplementary documents. Many schools require applicants from non-English speaking countries to submit certified translations of their diploma. They have to seek academic document translation services from a reliable company. International student counselors sometimes maintain a list of service providers that applicants can use to get their diplomas translated.

-First tip: check with the school to see if they have a list of translators. Sometimes educational institutions have their own translators on their team so you do not have to go to a third party to get your diploma translated.

-Second tip: in the event that the college you are applying to does not provide a list of translators search for a top company. Organizations that have extensive experience in the translation of documents for international students commonly can carry out the translation of diplomas and academic records.

-Third tip: ask the translator or the translation company to send you the digital copy before they mail you the papers. Students who receive the translation via email have the opportunity to review the file to make sure it has been translated accurately. In addition, they can check the spelling of their name. Translators do not always know how to spell proper nouns because with some names variations are possible.

-Fourth tip: when you contact the international student office at your school ask how many copies they will need to process your application. Some admissions committees request multiple copies so you cannot assume that one copy will be sufficient.

-Fifth tip: Have the translation company or the translator send the certified translation of your academic documents directly to the school of your choice. While some colleges accept translations that applicants send with their application, others prefer to receive the documents from the translator. Certified translations from translation companies are considered official.

We consider ourselves leaders in the area of document translation service. We rely on professional translators with rich experience in academic translation to deliver the translation of your documents. We understand that accuracy and promptness matter to applicants who come from non-English speaking countries. We have created an efficient system that enables us to serve international students quickly without losing accuracy. We encourage international applicants to contact us to learn more about our academic document translation services. We are available to answer your questions.

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