Translation of Birth Certificates in Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles draws immigrations from various parts of the world. Immigrants who move to the United States from non-English speaking countries often need the translation of their birth certificates. A translation company in LA that translates birth certificates from foreign languages to English typically has translated documents for individuals who were intending to submit the certified translation to USCIS, an academic institution, or an employer. Immigration lawyers across the city who help individuals with their visa application commonly work with companies that provide certified translations. They sometimes need a document such as a birth certificate or a marriage license translated into English.

For instance, a party from Buenos Aires that holds official documents in Spanish and consults with an immigration attorney who suggests that the documents get translated into English might consider contacting a translation firm. The documents would have to be translated from Spanish into English and certified for the immigration application. Likewise, candidates who are considering U.S. schools for their next academic experience might be asked for the certified translation of their transcripts and diplomas. Community colleges and other private institutions across the city that offer courses could request a copy of the original documents along with their English translations. The translation of the document would be presented with their application. Finally, foreigners who are seeking employment opportunities in the United States might be asked to submit a copy of an official document that verifies their identity.

They can usually provide a copy of their ID or birth certificate so that the employer can verify their personal information including name, date of birth, and place of birth. For instance, a candidate from Mexico City who needs to provide his personal information to a prospective employer can seek Spanish to English translation services. Organizations that specialize in document translation usually support many languages including Spanish. CACFTI is committed to translating birth certificates professionally. Our translators who are truly skilled in the art and science of document translation are ready to assist individuals who are looking for document translation services. We are aware that many entities request English translations for various documents. We can handle the translation of many types of documents. Please contact us to find out how you can get your documents translated. You do not have to be in Los Angeles to render our professional translation services. Send us your documents by email to get a quote no matter where you are!

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