Certified Translation of School Transcripts & Diplomas

Many colleges in the United States have set up an international students’ office to accommodate the needs of candidates and students who come from foreign countries. Before candidates apply advisors often answer questions about academic document translation services and how applicants can get their credentials translated. In order to be considered candidates usually have to submit an international student application along with supplementary documents such as their academic records and letter of reference. Candidates from France, let us assume, would have to check with the prospective school’s international student office regarding their requirements. Once they have figured out what they need to present to the institution they can reach out to a professional translator to get a certified translation.

They would request an English translation of their French-language documents. They can seek the assistance of a well-qualified translator who is fluent in both English and French and can translate both ways. Students from other countries can follow the same procedure. Experienced translators who work for reputable companies typically can translate academic language. Applicants from non-English speaking countries often want to pursue higher degrees in the United States because they are interested in totally immersing themselves in an academic ambiance in which English is the primary language. They can successfully meet the requirement of schools that expect certified translations by submitting their documents to firms that offer professional translation services. Organizations that have translated documents for international students and schools that receive foreign-language documents can often assist individuals who want certified translations. They have translated student ID cards, diplomas, transcripts, and other documents that applicants need to complete their admissions application.

CACFTI helps foreign candidates with their application process. We offer premium quality translations for grade sheets, school certificates, and letters of recommendation. Our translators have sharpened their skills over the years by delivering the translation of numerous documents for international students. Many of them have taken courses in languages or translation and possess superior skills. They have the relevant skills required to translate academic documents. They are ready to use their knowledge and skills to professionally translate your documents. Our goal is to provide the certified translations you need to submit your application to U.S. colleges and universities. We are strongly motivated to provide the best academic document translation services you would render. Please get in touch with us about our certified document translations. All documents can be sent to us by email for a quote.

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