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How to Get a Certified Translation for USCIS at CACFTI

If you are in the process of submitting a visa application to the immigration department you have probably learned that you will need to provide a copy of your personal documents along with their English translations. You can get certified translations for USCIS at CACFTI by following a few simple steps. If you do not know which documents you need translated, you can speak with an immigration attorney. Once you have figured out what documents you need to submit to USCIS you can scan and emailed them to us. You can also let us know by when you would like to have the English translations. We understand that deadlines are critical so we always do our best to deliver the translations by your suggested deadline.

We usually try to email the electronic version to our clients to they can review it before we send them the hard copy. Once we have your confirmation, we will prepare the certified translation. For instance, if you were born in Brazil and you hold a birth certificate in the Portuguese language you can contact us about our birth certificate translation services. We have translated many birth certificates from various languages into English for immigrants. All you have to do is scan and email us a copy of your birth certificate and let us know that the translation will be part of a visa application. That way we will know that you are seeking a certified translation acceptable for immigration matters. Likewise, if you are working on an application that requires a copy of your divorce decree you can send us the document by email. We support many languages so we can accommodate the needs of most individuals who contact us regarding the translation of their foreign-language documents.

CACFTI is dedicated to providing premium quality translations for foreign-language documents. We have plenty of experience in the translation of documents from foreign languages into English. Our translators who are proficient in the translation of documents are ready to assist you with the translation of documents you need for immigration purposes. If you have questions about our services or the translation of a document, please feel free to contact us. We have many satisfied clients and are confident in our ability to satisfy your needs. We look forward to speaking with you if you need certified translations for USCIS. Our translations are completed by professionals and are attached to our official certification.

Academic Translation: How to Get Your Documents Translated

Some students from non-English speaking countries who want to obtain a degree in the United States decide to move during summer so that they can visit the schools they are considering. While they learn more about the programs educational institutions offer they can also seek academic document translation services. While the application of each school is slightly different from colleges nearby students can almost always expect to submit a copy of their academic records as well as their certified translations. Therefore, before finalizing their decision about which school you will be attending you can probably get a certified translation of your academic documents. There are a few steps you need to take to translate your documents.

First, you have to request a copy of the original transcripts and certificates the school in your home country has issued. Next, international candidates can mail or email a copy of these documents to a company that offers translation services for academic documents. Translation companies that are situated to the proximity of major colleges and universities often provide translations for academic documents. They have translated all the documents international candidates send them. Individuals from non-English speaking countries who are planning to study in Los Angeles can contact us about our academic translations services. Our office is near UCLA, Santa Monica College, and West LA College. We have translated various documents for students who were thinking about applying to local schools.

We have what it takes to deliver top-quality translations for your documents. CACFTI diligently handles the translation of academic documents for international students. Our translators with extensive experience in the translation of high school transcripts, college grade sheets, diplomas, letters of recommendation, student ID cards, etc. are ready to assist international applicants. You can get your documents translated from a foreign language into English by scanning them and providing us with a digital copy. We will need to know by when you will need to have the certified translations. We can either ship the hard copy directly to the colleges you are applying to or we can send them to you so that you can include them with your application. We are sure that you will find the process convenient and satisfactory. Please feel free to reach out to us for additional information about our certified document translations. We have provided academic document translation services for many languages. To find out whether we support the language you are looking for please contact us.

Translating Iranian Birth Certificate for Immigration Application

Iranians who are working on a visa application often find out that they have to provide the certified translation of their personal documents. A document that people commonly need to translate is a birth certificate. This card provides sensitive information such as the holder’s date of birth, name of parents, city of birth, gender, etc. Anyone who was born in a Persian-speaking country and holds a birth certificate issued in the Farsi language can seek the assistance of a professional translator who has experience translating personal documents.

The translation of a birth certificate is often a simple task for translators who specialize in document translation. Whereas a medical document such as an autopsy report requires knowledge of a special field, a birth certificate is usually considered straight-forward. Medical documents are often filled with terminology related to medicine. However, a birth certificate from Iran or other Farsi-speaking countries are commonly one or two pages long and they do not require knowledge of specialized fields. Translators who have produced the English translation of many Farsi birth certificates can often translate such documents quickly. They are familiar with the structure of a standard birth certificate and hence know what to expect. Once they review the new client’s personal document they can start translating. They do not have to look up any words because they know exactly what the English equivalents of Farsi words printed on the birth certificate are.

Farsi translators who have assisted many immigrants are knowledgeable of the requirements of immigration department for foreign-language documents. They want to make sure that the translations meet the requirements of USCIS so they keep up with any updates to the rules. Companies in Los Angeles that offer certified translations for immigration applications typically cover all the major world languages. They cater to a diverse customer base from countries in the Middle East. CACFTI considers itself a leader in the area of document translation services for official purposes. Certified documents translations for immigration applications are very important because authorities rely on them to verify the applicant’s personal information. Individuals who were born in Iran and are ready to submit their Persian-language birth certificate to a translation company should conduct their research to make sure their translations are completed by professional translators. Our company offers certified translations for USCIS and is ready to assist Iranians who are seeking Farsi translation services. Birth certificates from Iran can be scanned and sent to us by email for a quote.

Don’t Know Whether Documents Will Go to Court?

Law firms and mediators who work on cases that could go to court often have to deal with an important dilemma. Should they get a court-certified translation for non-English documents? Should they wait until they are positive that the case won’t settle? Lawsuits that involve patents, emails, licensing agreements, contracts, etc. in a language other than English must be translated into English if they play a significant role in the outcome of the case. Lawyers who speak foreign languages can use their own knowledge to determine whether the foreign-language content is relevant to the case.

However, mediators and attorneys who do not speak a second language will have to decide what type of translation they will need before placing an order. Documents for cases that settle outside of court do not have to be translated by a translator who possesses the qualifications required by the judicial system. The translations of translators who have not completed the proper requirements might be challenged. The other side might question the ability of the translator to deliver accurate translations. As a result, parties that are expecting to appear in a court should consider a certified translation that will be acceptable for this purpose. Companies with expertise in the area of legal document translations usually provide translations with certification that their clients can submit to courts. They have experience translating documents for professionals in the legal industry and know what to do when their client is not sure whether the documents will eventually go to court or not.

CACFTI specializes in the translation of documents from foreign languages into English and vice versa. We can often accommodate the needs of law firms and arbitrators who are not sure where the case will end up. If you find yourself in this situation, please get in touch with us. We can provide a non-certified translation so that you can just review the content to make sure you will need it to create a compelling argument. Since you are dealing with documents that you do not understand, you might not even know what type of text you are handing us. We will help you figure things out by translating your foreign-language documents to English. If the parties are unable to settle the case you can come back to us regarding our court-certified translations. Please ask us about our proofreading services if we have already provided you with a non-certified translation. We look forward to speaking with you if you are seeking certified translations for courts. You are just a few steps away from receiving top-quality translation services.

Translation of Real Estate Related Documents into English

Rapidly growing companies in Southern California that focus on the purchase and sale of real estate often receive inquiries from foreign parties. Los Angeles has become a popular choice for real estate investors from the emerging economies such as China and Russia. Foreigners will probably have to search for translation services when they are in the process of hiring a real estate specialist. They might need to provide a copy of their bank statement to the real estate specialist to prove that they have sufficient funds to cover the cost of property in the area. Other documents such as titles for land can sometimes serve the same purpose. Investors from countries like Russia and China that are interested in purchasing property on this side of the world can contact a translation company to learn about how they can get their documents translated from a foreign language into English.

Entities that focus on the translation of financial and legal documents often have translated bank statements and content for real estate lawyers. Investors from foreign countries or the real estate firms that represent them could get the documents translated very easily if they find the right company. A deed that identifies the foreigner interested in purchasing a property in the United States as the owner of a valuable piece of land in his home country can often replace bank statements with this document. However, foreigners who want to use a deed have to make sure that the translation company they have contacted offers legal translations. Such text is often technical for translators who do not specialize in legal document translation. They include terminology pertaining to transfer of land, property rights, and liability.

Translators who have worked in the area of real estate law or have taken courses at law school related to real estate law are often familiar with the language appropriate for such documents. CACFTI conveys the message of your deeds and financial statements with professionalism and extreme attention to detail. We can translate the documents foreign investors need in order to buy or sell property in California. We work with a professional team of translators. They consistently provide impressive translations and enjoy working in the translation industry. Our translators who have rich knowledge and experience in the area of real estate law can translate the documents you need in order to make a purchase in the United States. Please let us know if you need the translations to be certified. As a translation company in Los Angeles we are happy to help you achieve your dream of owning a property in the United States.