Translating Iranian Birth Certificate for Immigration Application

Iranians who are working on a visa application often find out that they have to provide the certified translation of their personal documents. A document that people commonly need to translate is a birth certificate. This card provides sensitive information such as the holder’s date of birth, name of parents, city of birth, gender, etc. Anyone who was born in a Persian-speaking country and holds a birth certificate issued in the Farsi language can seek the assistance of a professional translator who has experience translating personal documents.

The translation of a birth certificate is often a simple task for translators who specialize in document translation. Whereas a medical document such as an autopsy report requires knowledge of a special field, a birth certificate is usually considered straight-forward. Medical documents are often filled with terminology related to medicine. However, a birth certificate from Iran or other Farsi-speaking countries are commonly one or two pages long and they do not require knowledge of specialized fields. Translators who have produced the English translation of many Farsi birth certificates can often translate such documents quickly. They are familiar with the structure of a standard birth certificate and hence know what to expect. Once they review the new client’s personal document they can start translating. They do not have to look up any words because they know exactly what the English equivalents of Farsi words printed on the birth certificate are.

Farsi translators who have assisted many immigrants are knowledgeable of the requirements of immigration department for foreign-language documents. They want to make sure that the translations meet the requirements of USCIS so they keep up with any updates to the rules. Companies in Los Angeles that offer certified translations for immigration applications typically cover all the major world languages. They cater to a diverse customer base from countries in the Middle East. CACFTI considers itself a leader in the area of document translation services for official purposes. Certified documents translations for immigration applications are very important because authorities rely on them to verify the applicant’s personal information. Individuals who were born in Iran and are ready to submit their Persian-language birth certificate to a translation company should conduct their research to make sure their translations are completed by professional translators. Our company offers certified translations for USCIS and is ready to assist Iranians who are seeking Farsi translation services. Birth certificates from Iran can be scanned and sent to us by email for a quote.

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