How to Get a Certified Translation for USCIS at CACFTI

If you are in the process of submitting a visa application to the immigration department you have probably learned that you will need to provide a copy of your personal documents along with their English translations. You can get certified translations for USCIS at CACFTI by following a few simple steps. If you do not know which documents you need translated, you can speak with an immigration attorney. Once you have figured out what documents you need to submit to USCIS you can scan and emailed them to us. You can also let us know by when you would like to have the English translations. We understand that deadlines are critical so we always do our best to deliver the translations by your suggested deadline.

We usually try to email the electronic version to our clients to they can review it before we send them the hard copy. Once we have your confirmation, we will prepare the certified translation. For instance, if you were born in Brazil and you hold a birth certificate in the Portuguese language you can contact us about our birth certificate translation services. We have translated many birth certificates from various languages into English for immigrants. All you have to do is scan and email us a copy of your birth certificate and let us know that the translation will be part of a visa application. That way we will know that you are seeking a certified translation acceptable for immigration matters. Likewise, if you are working on an application that requires a copy of your divorce decree you can send us the document by email. We support many languages so we can accommodate the needs of most individuals who contact us regarding the translation of their foreign-language documents.

CACFTI is dedicated to providing premium quality translations for foreign-language documents. We have plenty of experience in the translation of documents from foreign languages into English. Our translators who are proficient in the translation of documents are ready to assist you with the translation of documents you need for immigration purposes. If you have questions about our services or the translation of a document, please feel free to contact us. We have many satisfied clients and are confident in our ability to satisfy your needs. We look forward to speaking with you if you need certified translations for USCIS. Our translations are completed by professionals and are attached to our official certification.

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