Translation for U.S. Courts: 3 Things You Need to Know

Lawyers who receive non-English language documents from their clients often contact a translation company to learn how they can get those documents translated. As a firm that provides certified translations for courts we receive inquiries about our document translation services from lawyers and others in the legal industry. People commonly ask us whether they can get a court-certified translation of a foreign-language document if they do not work at a law firm. They also often ask us whether they have to place an order for a certified translation or a non-certified translation will be acceptable for courts. Another issue is whether we need them to drop off the hard copy at our office.

-The first point that we suggest you keep in mind is that you do not have to be a lawyer to get a court-certified translation. We can provide certified translations for courts even if you are not currently working in the legal industry. You might be representing yourself in a lawsuit so you would be submitting the documents to courts. You can send us the documents and request a certified translation.
-Another important point is that translations going to courts must be certified. Parties that are planning to present a translated document to a court in the United States must bear in mind that the translation has to be done by a professional translator who attaches a certification to the translation.
-In order to provide a certified translation for courts we do not need to have the original documents. For our purposes a photocopy is sufficient. All we need you to do is email us the content you need to have translated. In addition, we will have to know that you will be taking the translated documents to a court in order to attach the proper certification. Finally, please mention the due date so that we can prepare the translations by your deadline.

CACFTI is your trusted service provider when it comes to the translation of confidential documents. We can translate documents and emails from many foreign languages into English. Our translators who have experience translating content for courts are ready to assist you with a case that involves non-English documents. You can rely on our expertise in the area of legal translation when you need a translation for a court. We would like to be considered if you are looking for court-certified translations. We hope that you have found this entry helpful. We are here to assist you if you have any questions regarding certified translations for courts. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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