Translation of Real Estate Related Documents into English

Rapidly growing companies in Southern California that focus on the purchase and sale of real estate often receive inquiries from foreign parties. Los Angeles has become a popular choice for real estate investors from the emerging economies such as China and Russia. Foreigners will probably have to search for translation services when they are in the process of hiring a real estate specialist. They might need to provide a copy of their bank statement to the real estate specialist to prove that they have sufficient funds to cover the cost of property in the area. Other documents such as titles for land can sometimes serve the same purpose. Investors from countries like Russia and China that are interested in purchasing property on this side of the world can contact a translation company to learn about how they can get their documents translated from a foreign language into English.

Entities that focus on the translation of financial and legal documents often have translated bank statements and content for real estate lawyers. Investors from foreign countries or the real estate firms that represent them could get the documents translated very easily if they find the right company. A deed that identifies the foreigner interested in purchasing a property in the United States as the owner of a valuable piece of land in his home country can often replace bank statements with this document. However, foreigners who want to use a deed have to make sure that the translation company they have contacted offers legal translations. Such text is often technical for translators who do not specialize in legal document translation. They include terminology pertaining to transfer of land, property rights, and liability.

Translators who have worked in the area of real estate law or have taken courses at law school related to real estate law are often familiar with the language appropriate for such documents. CACFTI conveys the message of your deeds and financial statements with professionalism and extreme attention to detail. We can translate the documents foreign investors need in order to buy or sell property in California. We work with a professional team of translators. They consistently provide impressive translations and enjoy working in the translation industry. Our translators who have rich knowledge and experience in the area of real estate law can translate the documents you need in order to make a purchase in the United States. Please let us know if you need the translations to be certified. As a translation company in Los Angeles we are happy to help you achieve your dream of owning a property in the United States.

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