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Academic Translation: How to Get Your Documents Translated

Some students from non-English speaking countries who want to obtain a degree in the United States decide to move during summer so that they can visit the schools they are considering. While they learn more about the programs educational institutions offer they can also seek academic document translation services. While the application of each school is slightly different from colleges nearby students can almost always expect to submit a copy of their academic records as well as their certified translations. Therefore, before finalizing their decision about which school you will be attending you can probably get a certified translation of your academic documents. There are a few steps you need to take to translate your documents.

First, you have to request a copy of the original transcripts and certificates the school in your home country has issued. Next, international candidates can mail or email a copy of these documents to a company that offers translation services for academic documents. Translation companies that are situated to the proximity of major colleges and universities often provide translations for academic documents. They have translated all the documents international candidates send them. Individuals from non-English speaking countries who are planning to study in Los Angeles can contact us about our academic translations services. Our office is near UCLA, Santa Monica College, and West LA College. We have translated various documents for students who were thinking about applying to local schools.

We have what it takes to deliver top-quality translations for your documents. CACFTI diligently handles the translation of academic documents for international students. Our translators with extensive experience in the translation of high school transcripts, college grade sheets, diplomas, letters of recommendation, student ID cards, etc. are ready to assist international applicants. You can get your documents translated from a foreign language into English by scanning them and providing us with a digital copy. We will need to know by when you will need to have the certified translations. We can either ship the hard copy directly to the colleges you are applying to or we can send them to you so that you can include them with your application. We are sure that you will find the process convenient and satisfactory. Please feel free to reach out to us for additional information about our certified document translations. We have provided academic document translation services for many languages. To find out whether we support the language you are looking for please contact us.