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Translating Reminders and Notes for Foreign Clients

The collection of outstanding invoices is an integral part of conducting business. Whereas companies that require full payment in advance do not have to worry about collecting unpaid invoices, entities that expect their clients to make their payments after services have been provided sometimes will experience difficulty clearing invoices. If they are dealing with a foreign client it is good to translate the warning letters that you sent them. A high number of companies in Los Angeles are active in a global market. They cannot always expect their clients to make full payment in advance. Sometimes they ask for a portion of the payment in advance and the remainder within 30 days. If they end up with a client who fails to make full payment by the due date, they have a few options. They can send a reminder to the party that needs to make payment. If they still do not hear back, they can compose a serious letter.

If the recipient is a foreign client it might be a good idea to get the text translated. In such cases they rely on local translation companies to translate such documents in their attempts to receive payment. The party that is refusing to pay sometimes just needs a reminder or a threatening letter. Companies that warn their clients to pay or they will settle the case in a court often scare them enough to collect their payment. Some companies ask a legal representative to write the note so that it sounds official to the recipient. They let the foreign client know that they are serious about collecting their invoice. The translation should also sound professional. Translators with extensive experience translating compliance forms and other legal documents can commonly translate letters that companies need to send to parties that have failed to make their payments on time.

CACFTI translates letters and messages you need to send to clients with outstanding invoices. You need to communicate clearly with such parties, informing them of the legal actions you might take should they continue to make no payments. You spend a lot of time drafting the perfect letter for a client who does not speak English fluently. It would be too bad if you did not send the translation. We are here to assist you remove language barriers and transmit your messages to your target audience effectively. Please contact us for more information about our translation services. This is a translation company in Los Angeles, supporting all the major world languages.

Translation of Confidentiality Agreements for Courts

When a company hires an independent contractor to perform a task, it might provide confidential information that it wishes the IC to keep private. Before sending the confidentiality agreement to the independent contractor the firm should find out his first language. If the party does not speak English fluently, then rendering translation services might be a good idea. Certified translations for courts are necessary when a party is planning to take the translated documents to a court. Court-certified translation services might not be required at first when the company wants to send the agreement to the non-English speaking party. However, if there are any disputes during or after the relationship about what the rights and obligations of each party is and the matter is taken to a court in the United States then they will need to provide a court-certified translation.

It might make more sense to have a court-registered or certified translator translate the document initially so that you do not have to retranslate it should the parties appear in court. CACFTI is a trusted name in the translation industry. Our translators who possess in-depth knowledge of the language of contracts are ready to assist you with the translation of your non-disclosure agreements. Companies who are concerned about the dissemination of their private information can have the independent contractor sign a NDA before he proceeds. If you already had a non-certified translator translate the agreement, and now you are planning to take the IC to a court due to unlawful disclosure of your information you can ask us about our proofreading services. We might be able to have our translator review the translation you have and certify it for courts. We hope to hear from you if you need certified translation services.

Please be sure to specify the purpose of the translation when you reach out to us. There is a specific text that we insert in our certification when we know that the translation is going to be used in a court. We understand that sometimes people who enter into an agreement breach the terms of the contract and the legal system can help you seek damages in such events. Our court-certified translations are designed to provide you the types of translations you need to present your case in a court. To get a quote for a certified translation for courts, please scan and email us a copy of the document. We can translate non-disclosure agreements as well as other types of contracts.

Certified Translation: CACFTI for your USCIS Translation Needs

Those who are filling out an application for immigration purposes have probably come across a part that asks them for the certified translation of foreign-language documents. Such individuals often want to render the services of a translation company that offers certified translations for USCIS. They do not wish to contact translators who do not know the requirements of immigration authorities. Translators who have no experience translating documents for visa applications might be unaware of the standard way translations need to be submitted. Individuals and immigration lawyers who need certified document translation often get in touch with professional companies. CACFTI is such an entity. One of our core competencies is providing certified translation services for USCIS.

We have translated birth certificates, ID cards, divorce decrees, etc. for many individuals who were working on a visa application. We recognize that due to recent changes in immigration laws immigrants from various countries are pouring into the United States. Therefore, we do our best to accommodate the translation needs of a diverse clientele. In addition, we have made the process incredibly simple so that you do not have to possess strong knowledge of English to place an order. We usually do not ask clients to fill out complicated forms and agreements. We encourage you to reach us via email or phone to discover how you can get your documents translated into English. Please be sure to mention that you will be using it for immigration. When it comes to getting a document translated we are many people’s number one choice. A lot of immigration attorneys who are working on a visa application for their client inquire about our language translation services.

We can translate documents from any major language into English for immigration matters. We are familiar with the expectation of immigration authorities. When we receive an order for a certified translation we ask the purpose of the translation so that we attach the proper certification. We can cover your translation needs if you are working on a visa application. We are a reliable company based in Los Angeles and offer translation services for all the European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages. Please contact us to learn more about our company and how you can place an order with us. We are friendly and interested in helping you. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our certified translations for USCIS because we have received a lot of positive feedbacks from our former clients.

Translation of Transcripts for Nursing Schools

International students who are applying to a school of nursing in the United States should find out what the admissions office will review in order to make a decision. Many programs will request the transcripts of the courses international applicants have completed in their home country. Such candidates have often taken science classes in addition to general education classes. Companies that specialize in academic document translation services typically have translated transcripts for students who come from various parts of the world and are applying to different programs. They rely on professional translators to get the documents of international students translated into English. They have translators on their team who specialize in different areas of education.

For example, their translators who translate documents for students applying to nursing programs specialize in scientific translation. They have translated transcripts issued by medical and pharmacy schools. They are familiar with such documents and can use their expertise to translate documents that applicants will be submitting to nursing programs. Companies that have translated documents for many international students depend on professional translators to complete the translation of academic records. Their translators possess in-depth knowledge of academic translation and do their best to translate transcripts into English. They understand that the translated documents play a key role in the admissions process. They want their clients to have their best shot at admissions so they translate documents to the best of their ability. Anyone who is applying to programs in the field of science should make sure that the translation firm handling the translation of their academic records provides certified translation services.

Most schools including the ones that offer nursing programs often expect a certified translation of academic documents. Those who are hoping to become a nurse have probably taken many science classes and worked on research papers. If you have been asked to present your research studies and academic records, companies that offer certified document translation can help you. CACFTI comes to the assistance of students from non-English speaking countries. If you intend to study at a school of nursing in the United States, please email us the documents you will need to submit with your application. We are devoted to translating your documents accurately so that you can send the translations to the admissions office. Our translators possess extensive knowledge in the area of academic document translation services. They consistently provide translations that impress our clients. We recommend that you get in touch with us regarding the translation of your school transcripts.

Top Translation Company in Los Angeles

A firm that is viewed as the top company in a city is often one that leads the industry in innovation, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction. A company whose core competency is language translation can probably achieve this status by constantly upgrading its technology, enhancing its expertise in the field, and striving to please its clients. A firm that offers certified translation services in LA and aims to become the top firm might need to collaborate with professional translators. Linguists who have a degree in translation and experience in the industry often provide translations that are higher in quality than those who have never translated documents professionally. Being a native speaker or speaking a second language fluently does not guarantee that one can translate a document professionally. It is a skill that is frequently developed with education and experience.

CACFTI hopes to become and remain a top translation company in the city of Los Angeles. We constantly search for new technology that allows us to better serve our clients and improve our efficiency. We understand that technical advancements can provide solutions to problems that any business might be experiencing. As a result, we try to get our hands on the most recent developments. Furthermore, we constantly try to expand our knowledge in the area of language translation. Our team members always seeking to improve their skills in the functions they perform.
We are committed to exceeding the expectation of every client who renders our services. We do our best to pick well-qualified translators who translate documents accurately.

We also assign proofreading tasks to top editors who are intelligent and detail-oriented. Before starting a project we try to gather as much information as we can about the subject matter and the purpose of the translation. That way we can ensure that the document is assigned to a translator whose area of specialty falls within the category at hand. In addition, we can provide the proper certification. We have served many clients who have provided positive feedback on our work. They were impressed with the quality of our translation services, customer care, and speed. We acknowledge that many factors affect the ranking of a company within a sector. Therefore, we do not just focus on making progress in one area. Rather we take various aspects of our business into account. We hope that you recognize our efforts in becoming the top translation company in Los Angeles. If you would like a company based in California to complete the translation of your documents, please contact us for assistance.