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What Court-Certified Translators Do

A court-certified translation is one that meets the requirements of judicial council. For legal purposes foreign language documents must be translated in a certain way. Translators who have been certified by American courts often have passed exams that gauge their fluency in the language pair they work in. Some states do not administer tests so they only request translators to register with courts. Translators who complete the process and have been approved can offer certified translations for courts. They are familiar with the courts’ policies and translate documents, preparing the final version to adhere to those guidelines. They sign their declaration and attach it to the translation that is going to a court.

Before they start providing court-certified translation services they examine the document to make sure they are familiar with the subject matter. For example, if a medical document needs to go to court the court-certified translator will review the text to make sure translating the terminology is within his/her abilities. They will only take the task if they feel that they are fully comfortable translating the medical language. A medical document such as an autopsy report or hospital bill is often filled with technical terms such that only medical translators who specialize in the field can perform a satisfactory translation. Such translators understand the importance of the document they are asked to translate because the choice of words often make a difference in the outcome of the case.

CACFTI is an official company that offers certified document translation services. Our court-certified translators translate various types of documents that law firms would need to submit to courts. Translators who aim to remain top professionals in the industry also try to polish their skills. They do not rely on their knowledge acquired many years ago to translate documents into English. They update their knowledge of new words in the language and changes to grammatical rules. After updating their skills in vocabulary and grammar many try to become more efficient. They try to increase the rate at which they can translate from one language to another. If you have ever wondered what legal translators do you got the answer! Our translators focusing on court-certified translation services are ready to translate your documents. We would be happy to provide a quote for a court-certified translation. Getting certified translations for courts is convenient with our company. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have to submit the translation of a document to a court.

Benefits of Certified Translation for U.S. Immigration

Working on an immigration application can be difficult for individuals who do not speak English fluently. They could have trouble understanding the sections they have to complete. Regardless of their level of proficiency they must fill out all the forms thoroughly. In addition, such individuals need to seek certified translation for USCIS for the foreign-language documents that they will be sending along with their application. Getting a certified translation has many benefits for immigrants who are in the process of submitting an application. The first benefit is that you won’t have to worry about the translation getting rejected. Firms that offer certified document translation for immigration purposes are often familiar with the type of translation necessary for USCIS.

They will take care of the language requirement so the applicant does not have to! They will provide their certification with the translated documents. Another benefit of getting a certified translation is that quality is usually better than a non-certified one. Certified translations are executed by professionals who must be fluent in both the source and target languages. Those who are working on a visa application, for example, absolutely want every part of their personal document to be translated correctly. Translators who provide their declaration certify that the translation is true to the best of their knowledge. CACFTI keeps the advantages of certified translations in mind when it delivers the translation of documents to be used for an immigration application. We understand that immigration matters are often complex and time-consuming. We do not want to create additional complications for you.

We will try to just bring you the benefits of certified translations so that you can spend more time on other parts of your application. Our translators are brilliant and possess great skills in translating foreign language documents for English. Our company will certify the translations so that you can present your document to immigration department with confidence. We would like to speak with you if you know that you will need to translate some documents for immigration purposes. We are sure that after rendering our services you will see the advantages of going to our company for certified translation services. We try to make the process from start to finish an enjoyable experience for our clients. We encourage you to contact us to learn how you can get certified translations for USCIS. It is better to ask questions when you are not sure!

Benefits of Certified Translation for Academic Documents

U.S. colleges and universities as well as vocational institutions receive a number of applications from candidates who have completed their coursework in a non-English speaking country. When they speak with an international student advisor or counselor they learn that they need to submit the certified translation of their school transcripts. Some wonder why they cannot translate their own academic documents given that they speak English fluently. They question why they have to invest in academic document translation services when they speak the source and target languages very well. They want to know the difference between their own translation and a certified translation carried out by a professional translator. Schools and other entities that require certified translations would like the translation to be completed by a professional translation for quality assurance purposes. They also want the translator to be a third party who will keep a neutral stand as he executes the translation.
Translation of academic texts is best prepared by translators who have extensive experience in the industry. Clients benefit from the works of professional translators because they can be certain about their qualifications and capabilities. They usually possess the expertise schools expect the translator to have. California Center for Translation & Interpretation specializes in academic translation with editing services. Our translators are fully bilingual in the language pairs they work with and can deliver top-quality translations for academic documents. Their in-depth knowledge and experience in the field set them apart from others who work in the industry. We understand that international students have to give the admissions office exactly what they want in order to be considered. Our translators will prepare the translation of your academic documents professionally. They will translate the text accurately and to the best of their knowledge.

Once our translators are done with their work we will edit and proofread the translation to make sure that the school will be receiving a document that reflects the true meaning of the original transcript. This is another benefit that you will get if you choose our company for your translation needs. While you are the only one who can proofread your own work we have more than one person review the translation before we submit it to the client. We can also translate the certificates that you have earned in your home country. Please send us the documents you need to submit to the school and let us know your deadline. We are confident that you will be happy with our certified and professional translations. We are happy to speak with you regarding our academic document translation services if you have a question that we have not addressed on our website.

Fluency in the Languages and Expertise in the Field

Companies in Los Angeles that are ready to serve individuals with translation needs often have a large database of translators with specific areas of specialty. They understand that the translator who performs the translation of each document must be fluent in the source/target languages and familiar with the discipline in hand. A translator whose focus in on technical translation, for instance, usually does not know the terminology related to medicine. Technical documents are typically about software or machinery and are filled with words that only professionals in the industry are familiar with. A translator who does not specialize in technical translation might not know the exact meaning of the terms. They might try to substitute similar words in the translation. However, translators who have extensive experience translating technical documents can effectively translate text pertaining to technical areas. Such a translator would not be a good fit for the translation of medical documents.

Medicine is very different from technology. Although the two fields overlap when we are discussing devices used in medical procedures. However, generally medical documents are very different from other types of documents. As a result, companies that receive medical documents from their clients should make sure that the translator who takes on the project has a strong background in medicine and pharmaceuticals. Such translators do not have to look up words or phrases. They are fully familiar with the content and can deliver translations that capture the true meaning of the original medical text. The language of the translated document will sound professional and medical.

California Center for Translation & Interpretation can serve companies and individuals in Los Angeles as well as other cities worldwide. We are committed to preparing translations that exceed your expectations. Our services are prompt and delivered by professionals. We maintain and constantly update a large database of translators who specialize in various areas. When clients contact us regarding the translation of a technical document, we closely review our list of translators and select the one that is the best match for this type of document. Likewise, clients who contact us regarding the translation of a medical report of a medical examination can expect to receive translations that were completed by a medical translator. We have recognized that a translator’s ability to translate text is not merely a matter of their fluency in the language pairs. Rather, high-quality translations come from translators who are also knowledgeable in the area. As a translation company in LA we hope that we have the opportunity to serve you anywhere you are.