Fluency in the Languages and Expertise in the Field

Companies in Los Angeles that are ready to serve individuals with translation needs often have a large database of translators with specific areas of specialty. They understand that the translator who performs the translation of each document must be fluent in the source/target languages and familiar with the discipline in hand. A translator whose focus in on technical translation, for instance, usually does not know the terminology related to medicine. Technical documents are typically about software or machinery and are filled with words that only professionals in the industry are familiar with. A translator who does not specialize in technical translation might not know the exact meaning of the terms. They might try to substitute similar words in the translation. However, translators who have extensive experience translating technical documents can effectively translate text pertaining to technical areas. Such a translator would not be a good fit for the translation of medical documents.

Medicine is very different from technology. Although the two fields overlap when we are discussing devices used in medical procedures. However, generally medical documents are very different from other types of documents. As a result, companies that receive medical documents from their clients should make sure that the translator who takes on the project has a strong background in medicine and pharmaceuticals. Such translators do not have to look up words or phrases. They are fully familiar with the content and can deliver translations that capture the true meaning of the original medical text. The language of the translated document will sound professional and medical.

California Center for Translation & Interpretation can serve companies and individuals in Los Angeles as well as other cities worldwide. We are committed to preparing translations that exceed your expectations. Our services are prompt and delivered by professionals. We maintain and constantly update a large database of translators who specialize in various areas. When clients contact us regarding the translation of a technical document, we closely review our list of translators and select the one that is the best match for this type of document. Likewise, clients who contact us regarding the translation of a medical report of a medical examination can expect to receive translations that were completed by a medical translator. We have recognized that a translator’s ability to translate text is not merely a matter of their fluency in the language pairs. Rather, high-quality translations come from translators who are also knowledgeable in the area. As a translation company in LA we hope that we have the opportunity to serve you anywhere you are.

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