Translation 101: Essentials of Court Certified Translations

Lawyers who have recently started practicing estate planning law and taxation might be surprised to learn that they might have to deal with a client who presents them with a foreign-language document. They are probably aware that they will need certified translations for courts. However, how would they go about getting court certified translations? Those who contact professional translation companies will often learn that all they have to do is scan and email the documents that they will have to submit to a probate court. Firms that have extensive experience translating foreign-language documents will handle the translation of such projects so that the newly admitted lawyer does not have to worry about it.

They will assign the task to a translator who can officially translate documents for courts in the state where the lawyer practices. Attorneys who focus on estate planning might have a will that their clients wrote in a foreign language. Since a will include sensitive information about the distribution of one’s assets it should be written in a language that the writer is fluent in. Furthermore, wills that are written in a foreign language should be translated by translators who are capable of expressing the true meaning of the text in English. They review the original will and try to figure out which words in English best capture their intended meaning. They review their work and finalize the translated document before they submit it to their clients.

CACFTI will manage the translation of foreign-language documents that will be used in a court. We provide the most accurate translations for the documents that you are planning to take to court. We know exactly what courts expect in regards to the translation of a non-English document so we can help anyone who is in this situation. We are ready to serve new lawyers and experienced ones who are scheduled to appear in court and need to submit a court-certified translation. Our translators have an impressive record of translating many types of documents. They can translate documents for beginners. We will take care of the project in the most efficient way possible so that you can have a pleasant experience with us. Our goal is to deliver satisfactory translations that you can take to court with you. Please let us know if you need more information about certified translations for court. We are available to answer your questions about court certified translations for any document.

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