Benefits of Certified Translation for Academic Documents

U.S. colleges and universities as well as vocational institutions receive a number of applications from candidates who have completed their coursework in a non-English speaking country. When they speak with an international student advisor or counselor they learn that they need to submit the certified translation of their school transcripts. Some wonder why they cannot translate their own academic documents given that they speak English fluently. They question why they have to invest in academic document translation services when they speak the source and target languages very well. They want to know the difference between their own translation and a certified translation carried out by a professional translator. Schools and other entities that require certified translations would like the translation to be completed by a professional translation for quality assurance purposes. They also want the translator to be a third party who will keep a neutral stand as he executes the translation.
Translation of academic texts is best prepared by translators who have extensive experience in the industry. Clients benefit from the works of professional translators because they can be certain about their qualifications and capabilities. They usually possess the expertise schools expect the translator to have. California Center for Translation & Interpretation specializes in academic translation with editing services. Our translators are fully bilingual in the language pairs they work with and can deliver top-quality translations for academic documents. Their in-depth knowledge and experience in the field set them apart from others who work in the industry. We understand that international students have to give the admissions office exactly what they want in order to be considered. Our translators will prepare the translation of your academic documents professionally. They will translate the text accurately and to the best of their knowledge.

Once our translators are done with their work we will edit and proofread the translation to make sure that the school will be receiving a document that reflects the true meaning of the original transcript. This is another benefit that you will get if you choose our company for your translation needs. While you are the only one who can proofread your own work we have more than one person review the translation before we submit it to the client. We can also translate the certificates that you have earned in your home country. Please send us the documents you need to submit to the school and let us know your deadline. We are confident that you will be happy with our certified and professional translations. We are happy to speak with you regarding our academic document translation services if you have a question that we have not addressed on our website.

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