What Court-Certified Translators Do

A court-certified translation is one that meets the requirements of judicial council. For legal purposes foreign language documents must be translated in a certain way. Translators who have been certified by American courts often have passed exams that gauge their fluency in the language pair they work in. Some states do not administer tests so they only request translators to register with courts. Translators who complete the process and have been approved can offer certified translations for courts. They are familiar with the courts’ policies and translate documents, preparing the final version to adhere to those guidelines. They sign their declaration and attach it to the translation that is going to a court.

Before they start providing court-certified translation services they examine the document to make sure they are familiar with the subject matter. For example, if a medical document needs to go to court the court-certified translator will review the text to make sure translating the terminology is within his/her abilities. They will only take the task if they feel that they are fully comfortable translating the medical language. A medical document such as an autopsy report or hospital bill is often filled with technical terms such that only medical translators who specialize in the field can perform a satisfactory translation. Such translators understand the importance of the document they are asked to translate because the choice of words often make a difference in the outcome of the case.

CACFTI is an official company that offers certified document translation services. Our court-certified translators translate various types of documents that law firms would need to submit to courts. Translators who aim to remain top professionals in the industry also try to polish their skills. They do not rely on their knowledge acquired many years ago to translate documents into English. They update their knowledge of new words in the language and changes to grammatical rules. After updating their skills in vocabulary and grammar many try to become more efficient. They try to increase the rate at which they can translate from one language to another. If you have ever wondered what legal translators do you got the answer! Our translators focusing on court-certified translation services are ready to translate your documents. We would be happy to provide a quote for a court-certified translation. Getting certified translations for courts is convenient with our company. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have to submit the translation of a document to a court.

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