Translation of Transcripts for Nursing Schools

International students who are applying to a school of nursing in the United States should find out what the admissions office will review in order to make a decision. Many programs will request the transcripts of the courses international applicants have completed in their home country. Such candidates have often taken science classes in addition to general education classes. Companies that specialize in academic document translation services typically have translated transcripts for students who come from various parts of the world and are applying to different programs. They rely on professional translators to get the documents of international students translated into English. They have translators on their team who specialize in different areas of education.

For example, their translators who translate documents for students applying to nursing programs specialize in scientific translation. They have translated transcripts issued by medical and pharmacy schools. They are familiar with such documents and can use their expertise to translate documents that applicants will be submitting to nursing programs. Companies that have translated documents for many international students depend on professional translators to complete the translation of academic records. Their translators possess in-depth knowledge of academic translation and do their best to translate transcripts into English. They understand that the translated documents play a key role in the admissions process. They want their clients to have their best shot at admissions so they translate documents to the best of their ability. Anyone who is applying to programs in the field of science should make sure that the translation firm handling the translation of their academic records provides certified translation services.

Most schools including the ones that offer nursing programs often expect a certified translation of academic documents. Those who are hoping to become a nurse have probably taken many science classes and worked on research papers. If you have been asked to present your research studies and academic records, companies that offer certified document translation can help you. CACFTI comes to the assistance of students from non-English speaking countries. If you intend to study at a school of nursing in the United States, please email us the documents you will need to submit with your application. We are devoted to translating your documents accurately so that you can send the translations to the admissions office. Our translators possess extensive knowledge in the area of academic document translation services. They consistently provide translations that impress our clients. We recommend that you get in touch with us regarding the translation of your school transcripts.

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