Certified Translation: CACFTI for your USCIS Translation Needs

Those who are filling out an application for immigration purposes have probably come across a part that asks them for the certified translation of foreign-language documents. Such individuals often want to render the services of a translation company that offers certified translations for USCIS. They do not wish to contact translators who do not know the requirements of immigration authorities. Translators who have no experience translating documents for visa applications might be unaware of the standard way translations need to be submitted. Individuals and immigration lawyers who need certified document translation often get in touch with professional companies. CACFTI is such an entity. One of our core competencies is providing certified translation services for USCIS.

We have translated birth certificates, ID cards, divorce decrees, etc. for many individuals who were working on a visa application. We recognize that due to recent changes in immigration laws immigrants from various countries are pouring into the United States. Therefore, we do our best to accommodate the translation needs of a diverse clientele. In addition, we have made the process incredibly simple so that you do not have to possess strong knowledge of English to place an order. We usually do not ask clients to fill out complicated forms and agreements. We encourage you to reach us via email or phone to discover how you can get your documents translated into English. Please be sure to mention that you will be using it for immigration. When it comes to getting a document translated we are many people’s number one choice. A lot of immigration attorneys who are working on a visa application for their client inquire about our language translation services.

We can translate documents from any major language into English for immigration matters. We are familiar with the expectation of immigration authorities. When we receive an order for a certified translation we ask the purpose of the translation so that we attach the proper certification. We can cover your translation needs if you are working on a visa application. We are a reliable company based in Los Angeles and offer translation services for all the European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages. Please contact us to learn more about our company and how you can place an order with us. We are friendly and interested in helping you. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our certified translations for USCIS because we have received a lot of positive feedbacks from our former clients.

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