Translation of Confidentiality Agreements for Courts

When a company hires an independent contractor to perform a task, it might provide confidential information that it wishes the IC to keep private. Before sending the confidentiality agreement to the independent contractor the firm should find out his first language. If the party does not speak English fluently, then rendering translation services might be a good idea. Certified translations for courts are necessary when a party is planning to take the translated documents to a court. Court-certified translation services might not be required at first when the company wants to send the agreement to the non-English speaking party. However, if there are any disputes during or after the relationship about what the rights and obligations of each party is and the matter is taken to a court in the United States then they will need to provide a court-certified translation.

It might make more sense to have a court-registered or certified translator translate the document initially so that you do not have to retranslate it should the parties appear in court. CACFTI is a trusted name in the translation industry. Our translators who possess in-depth knowledge of the language of contracts are ready to assist you with the translation of your non-disclosure agreements. Companies who are concerned about the dissemination of their private information can have the independent contractor sign a NDA before he proceeds. If you already had a non-certified translator translate the agreement, and now you are planning to take the IC to a court due to unlawful disclosure of your information you can ask us about our proofreading services. We might be able to have our translator review the translation you have and certify it for courts. We hope to hear from you if you need certified translation services.

Please be sure to specify the purpose of the translation when you reach out to us. There is a specific text that we insert in our certification when we know that the translation is going to be used in a court. We understand that sometimes people who enter into an agreement breach the terms of the contract and the legal system can help you seek damages in such events. Our court-certified translations are designed to provide you the types of translations you need to present your case in a court. To get a quote for a certified translation for courts, please scan and email us a copy of the document. We can translate non-disclosure agreements as well as other types of contracts.

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