Translating Reminders and Notes for Foreign Clients

The collection of outstanding invoices is an integral part of conducting business. Whereas companies that require full payment in advance do not have to worry about collecting unpaid invoices, entities that expect their clients to make their payments after services have been provided sometimes will experience difficulty clearing invoices. If they are dealing with a foreign client it is good to translate the warning letters that you sent them. A high number of companies in Los Angeles are active in a global market. They cannot always expect their clients to make full payment in advance. Sometimes they ask for a portion of the payment in advance and the remainder within 30 days. If they end up with a client who fails to make full payment by the due date, they have a few options. They can send a reminder to the party that needs to make payment. If they still do not hear back, they can compose a serious letter.

If the recipient is a foreign client it might be a good idea to get the text translated. In such cases they rely on local translation companies to translate such documents in their attempts to receive payment. The party that is refusing to pay sometimes just needs a reminder or a threatening letter. Companies that warn their clients to pay or they will settle the case in a court often scare them enough to collect their payment. Some companies ask a legal representative to write the note so that it sounds official to the recipient. They let the foreign client know that they are serious about collecting their invoice. The translation should also sound professional. Translators with extensive experience translating compliance forms and other legal documents can commonly translate letters that companies need to send to parties that have failed to make their payments on time.

CACFTI translates letters and messages you need to send to clients with outstanding invoices. You need to communicate clearly with such parties, informing them of the legal actions you might take should they continue to make no payments. You spend a lot of time drafting the perfect letter for a client who does not speak English fluently. It would be too bad if you did not send the translation. We are here to assist you remove language barriers and transmit your messages to your target audience effectively. Please contact us for more information about our translation services. This is a translation company in Los Angeles, supporting all the major world languages.

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