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Certified Translations for Immigration Department by CACFTI

Immigrants who are wondering how they can get a certified translation of their birth certificate are encouraged to contact us for assistance. We have extensive experience translating various types of documents for immigration purposes. Foreign nationals who need certified translations for USCIS should contact an expert who can guide them through the process. We are very professional and possess a lot of experience in translating documents for immigration attorneys as well as immigrants who needed a certified translation for a visa application. Our translators’ skill in translating birth certificates is unmatched. They strive to prepare high-quality translations of any document that is assigned to them. The Immigration Department of the United States requires that the translations are accompanied by the translator’s certification.

We are familiar with these guidelines and attach the translator’s declaration to the translated documents. Our translations are acceptable for immigration purposes. We hope that you consider our services if you want top-quality translations. We can translate documents from various languages into English so that you can submit them with your application. We always try to exceed the expectation of our clients who ask for certified translations. Our translations are well executed. We also stamp and seal the pages according to the guidelines of immigration. You can email us a copy of your birth certificate to get a quote. Please let us know that you will be using this translation for an immigration matter so that we supply the right certification. We can prepare multiple copies if you would like to have one for your records and another one for your immigration lawyer or another third party. Please let us know how many certified copies you would like us to mail you.

Finding information about the requirement of immigration and homeland security is easy. However, getting in touch with a great certified translation services provider is a bit tougher. It is not always clear which company offers the best translations. If you are looking for top companies for USCIS certified translations, be sure to visit See our “contact us” page to learn how you can reach us. If you would like to email us a document for a quote, we would be happy to provide an estimate for your project. We are a leading firm in Los Angeles that provides certified translations for USCIS and courts of California. Please let us know how we can help you with the translation of your personal documents such as a birth certificate.

Availability of Technical Translators for Academic Translations

Some students who have studied technical fields such as engineering abroad want to apply to graduate programs in the United States. Many schools that offer engineering programs have had trouble attracting local applicants. As a result, international students have experienced higher admissions rates. The availability of translators who specialize in academic document translation services is one factor that has contributed to such students’ successful application. Translators whose background is in the area of engineering can translate academic records from foreign languages into English. They are knowledgeable of the requirement of engineering schools and do their best to translate the text accurately. On the other hand, translators who are not familiar with the field of engineering usually do not know the subtle differences in technical language.

They might not be able to find the exact words in English to convey the message of the original document. They are available to translate the documents your university issued as well as the supplementary documents you are required to submit. For example, a graduate school in Los Angeles might ask international applicants to attach a letter of recommendation from a former professor. Students who come from non-English speaking countries might have to translate their letters of recommendation into English. Their former professors might not be fluent in English or simply feel more comfortable writing in their native language. Our translators who are comfortable translating technical documents can also translate letters of recommendation. Our translators are aware that all the parts of your application matter in your admissions process. They hope that you get admitted to the graduate program at the school of your choice. Their goal is to offer very satisfactory translations.

CACFTI simplifies academic matters for international students. Those who have majored in engineering or other technical fields and are ready to continue their education in the United States can rely on the expertise of our translators to get their transcripts translated. Our technical translators are dedicated to executing top-quality translations for your academic records. They are familiar with school curriculum and can find the right words in English to express the same meaning as the words printed on your transcripts. We can also translate the certificate that your school has issued upon the completion of your degree. Please check with us regarding the availability of our technical translators if you need to have your documents translated urgently. We look forward to reviewing your academic documents and translating them from the source language into English.

Translating Documents for Global Companies in LA

Companies in various industries have found joint ventures a great way of conducting business in a global economy. Some firms have considered forming partnerships with foreign entities. This phenomenon occurs frequently in Los Angeles, a city that is known for its diversity. Companies in Los Angeles that offer translation services often serve organizations that want to expand their operations globally. In their plans to operate internationally they will need to remove language barriers. In their initial talks with representatives from foreign countries they need the assistance of a professional translator who can translate both ways. In addition, they will seek the services of experienced translators in the follow-up emails that they send to each other.

They rely on detail-oriented translators to exchange emails with potential partners. The American party can compose the emails in English and send them to a translator who provides the translation promptly. Since the non-English speaking party expects quick responses to emails it is important for the translator to deliver fast turnarounds. Translators who are fully comfortable translating both ways and are confident in providing translations quickly without losing accuracy are great choices for such projects. They are dedicated to helping parties from different cultures communicate about various issues. They can translate emails and other types of documents. If the companies decide to go forward with the relationship they can draft contracts and forward it to the translator. It might be a good idea to continue working with the same translator to keep the language consistent. We are dedicated to keeping our quality consistent. We only collaborate with translators who value quality and work hard to deliver smooth and clear translations. We do not want the meaning of your words to be changed in the translation. Hence, all translations are done by professionals who are skilled and organized.

CACFTI appreciates your interest in getting to know its services better. We offer professional translation services designed to match the needs of businesses that are ready to explore their options abroad. We understand that you expect nothing less than perfection when it comes to communicating with foreigners regarding business matters. Our translators are here for any company that wishes to communicate clearly with foreigners. Their expertise will surely impress you whether you want translation services for Asian, Middle Eastern, or European languages. Please get in touch with us if you are looking for a translation company in Los Angeles to facilitate communications with a foreign entity. We are based in the beautiful city of LA and ready to speak with you about your translation needs. We encourage global companies to contact us about the translation of their emails and business contracts.

Useful Resource for Foreigners who Fight Cases in the U.S.

Sometimes one document can make a difference in a court’s ruling. Individuals who consider a foreign-language document critical to their case can reach out to a company that offers court-certified translations. Lawyers sometimes have a link on their website for useful resources such as certified translations for courts. They are usually happy to direct their clients to that page where they can find information about how they can get their documents translated into English. Foreigners who are ready to present a case in an American court can speak with an attorney regarding the documents they must submit to courts. Plaintiffs can gather all the evidence they want to present to courts without having to worry about the source language. They can rely on legal translators to translate any document that is not in English but relevant to their case.

Professional translators are capable of translating documents accurately. They understand that each word and sentence is important because it might make a difference in the meaning of the text. They do their best to choose the right words in the target language. Once they have finished their translation they review their work to make sure they have properly translated everything. They also attach their certification to the translated documents to meet the requirements of courts. In California courts expect to see the translator’s declaration along with his/her original signature. Translation companies who have translated documents for law firms are good candidates for anyone who is looking for certified translation services. One key document can be decisive in a court. Foreigners who are seeking justice in an American court can expect to work with a translation company that can translate documents for legal purposes.

CACFTI collaborates with court registered and certified translators who have experience translating legal documents. They are ready to serve you top-quality translations that you can take to court with you. You can come to us with confidence because we have translated foreign-language documents for various law firms. We are knowledgeable of CA courts’ requirement for documents that are in a language other than English. Please speak with a representative about the documents you would like to have translated. We will need to know that you are seeking certified translations for courts. Thus, please be sure to mention that you need court-certified translations so that we assign the task to a translator with the right qualifications. We look forward to speaking with your about our top-quality translation services for legal documents.

Information You Can’t Ignore in your USCIS Application

Some individuals who are working on an immigration application think that they can skip reading the section about certified translation of foreign-language documents. They think that reading information about certified translations for USCIS is something they can skip and still complete their application successfully. They believe that they can submit their personal documents including birth certificate and marriage license without their certified translations. Those who ignore the instructions often experience delay in the application process. They will be asked to resubmit their paperwork with translations that meet their guidelines. Since we handle the translation of many documents for immigration lawyers we know that applicants cannot ignore this information. We constantly check for updates and changes to immigration rules for certified translations so that our clients receive translations that are acceptable for their immigration application.

We translate birth certificate, criminal background checks, ID cards, etc. We can offer faster turnarounds on our rush service. Some individuals who have not reviewed the relevant information online ask us whether they have to notarize the translations. Although we can notarize certified translations the USCIS does not require translations to be notarized. If you want the translations for any other purpose you can ask the intended recipients whether they need the translated documents to be attached to the notary’s acknowledgement. We can translate documents from any of the major world languages into English. For example, we can translate a birth certificate from Spanish into English. Likewise, we can translate and certify a marriage certificate from French into English. We encourage you to contact us with the details of your project including the source and target languages to get a quote.

CACFTI is a one-stop company for immigrants and immigration attorneys who are looking for certified translation services. We keep up with the most updated information about the requirements of immigration authorities for foreign-language documents. We cannot ignore important information about updates to the rules and neither can you! If you are working on an immigration application and are ready to translate your personal documents from a foreign language into English, you can scan/email us all the pages to get an estimate and turnaround time. Please be sure to check out our other blog entries about certified translations for USCIS. We welcome questions if you need clarification. Please feel free to call or email us with your questions and comments. If you want to know more about certified translations and our company, you can see our main page for additional information.

Important Info about the Translation of Academic Documents

Students who have arrived in the United States with the intention of studying in a college or university often want to know what important information is needed. We have executed academic document translation services for international students so we can simplify matters for those who have trouble with this section in their application. Our translation services for academic documents are designed to meet the needs of students from foreign countries who are applying to a school in the United States. It is imperative for applicants to recognize that they cannot submit the original copy of their academic records to the university. Most educational institutions ask foreign applicants to submit a certified translation of their school transcripts and any degrees earned.

This information is important for any student who studied overseas and has foreign-language documents to present to the admissions office. Students who are not aware of this requirement or simply ignore it will probably find out that their application was rejected. Some schools will reach out to the applicant and explain the problem with the application. They instruct the international applicant to submit the certified translation of their academic documents. However, more competitive schools do not contact rejected applicants and request additional information. They receive a high number of applications so they can move on to reviewing other candidates’ application. International students usually have to pay a higher application fee than local applicants. Therefore, following the schools’ instructions will probably be beneficial for them. CACFTI is a leader in the translation industry. We work hard to make sure we bring our clients the best translations.

We are concerned about quality and timely translations so we are constantly trying to improve our processes. We carefully pick translators to complete your translations. Our translators’ skills in translating academic records and diplomas are unmatched. They have experience translating documents for international applicants. We are familiar with the procedure most schools in the United States require for foreign-language documents, and we are very interested in helping you with your application. We can email the translations to the admissions office or we can mail them the hard copy. Please let us know which method you prefer when you speak with a representative. We will need the email addresses of the contact person at the school or the mailing address. If you have just learned that you are supposed to seek academic document translation services for your academic records, please contact us for assistance.

Translation of Birth Certificates by a Company in LA

Translating birth certificates requires a special set of skills. Although the language of a birth certificate is simpler than that of a business contract or a user’s manual, it is still not a task any translator can undertake. Professional translators who work with translation companies in Los Angeles usually have experience translating birth certificates as well as more complex types of texts. They have translated such documents for various purposes such as USCIS applications. They use their knowledge and years of experience to deliver high-quality translations. They treat every project equally and pay as much attention to the words on a birth certificate as any other document. They translate the content and then check for accuracy and completion. The translation of birth certificates is challenging for languages such as Farsi and Arabic because the letters are so different.

Therefore, the translators are often unsure about the way they translate proper nouns. The best way to prevent issues is for the client to review the translation before the final copy is prepared. Translators who have worked with such language pairs often ask the client to see the translation and check the spelling of names before the final copy is printed. Translating a birth certificate is important in many cases such as applying for a passport. Many people who seek certified translations for their birth certificates are applying for a passport. We can translate documents from English into foreign languages for Americans who want to apply for a passport. We have solutions for anyone who is looking for professional translation services.

CACTI is aware of the problems foreigners in LA will experience if the translation of their personal documents does not read smoothly. We also know that English text that is translated into foreign languages has to be grammatically correct and read properly. We have selected well-qualified translators who have been trained to translate various types of documents effectively. They are among the best in the industry and possess proven skills in translating birth certificates from foreign languages into English. If you have always thought that translating birth certificates was a relatively complicated task let us translate a more complicated document for you. You will definitely be impressed with the translated document. You can let your friends and acquaintances know that you got an excellent translation from a company in Los Angeles. They can also reach out to us if they need to have their personal documents translated into English.

The Translation of Court Documents

In Californian courts only English-language documents are considered. Parties with foreign-language documents should be aware that they won’t get to present paperwork in any other language. Companies like California Center for Translation & Interpretation come to the assistance of individuals who want to submit a foreign-language document to a court. Delivering court-certified translations is one of our strengths, and we always put our best efforts into translating documents for CA courts. If you want certified translations for courts, and you have no idea where to begin that is OK. You can rely on our expertise to help you overcome language barriers in the legal system. We are equipped with knowledge of the legal field and have translated documents for many lawyers.

We understand that every piece of evidence you submit to courts will matter to your case. As a result, we work with detail-oriented and professional translators who consider accuracy crucial. They will examine the text and rewrite the words in the target language. They will translate the original document for courts in California with the target audience in mind. Their work is always professionally done and submitted to a proofreader. We aim to prepare impeccable translations so we consider proofreading and editing just as significant as translation. We stamp and seal the translated documents and attach all the pages to the translator’s certification. This final step is required by courts because it informs them that the translator is fully capable of translating from the source language to English. The translation of court documents is not something anyone can perform. The translators who take such projects must meet certain requirements. We are a rapidly expanding translation company based in Los Angeles.

Our court-certified translations can be submitted to any court in the state of California. We look forward to translating any document that you are planning to take to court with you. We can send you a copy of the translation for your own records in addition to one you can present to your lawyer. Sometimes attorneys prefer to review the translations before they appear in courts. Please get in touch with us if you are looking for court-certified translations. We can translate documents from various languages into English so that you can submit them to courts. There is no better organization than CACFTI that offers certified translations for courts. You can get a quote for the translation of any document by emailing us a digital copy.

The Format of Certified Translations for USCIS

When we prepare a certified translation for USCIS ( we make sure that the document follows the guidelines of immigration. There is a specific format that we have to adhere to in order to prevent issues for our clients. Translations that are properly executed may help speed up the process. Applicants won’t have to worry about resubmitting their application with an updated version of your translation. When it comes to translations for immigration purposes one must seek the services of companies that provide certified translations for USCIS and have a lot of happy clients. We have translated many documents for clients who needed certified document translation for immigration purposes. Our translators have translated birth certificates, marriage licenses, ID cards, police clearance forms, etc.

We have translated many types of documents from foreign languages into English. We frequently receive positive feedback about the impressive quality of our translations and clear formatting. Our goal is to become the leading provider of certified translation services. We try very hard to satisfy our clients who are looking for the certified translation of their documents. All of our translations go through our quality assurance process before they are delivered to the client. CACFTI is the company in Los Angeles that everyone talks about when they discuss top-quality translations for immigration purposes. Our team of skilled translators and detail-oriented proofreaders are ready to serve anyone who is looking for a certified translation. Our translations are always formatted because they look more organized and are easier to follow for the reader. We understand that nobody wants their application rejected due to the quality of the translation or improper formatting. We assign your projects to experienced translators who are committed to completing accurate translations.

Once the translation is ready a proofreader will review the translated documents and format it. We usually send the digital copy to the client to make sure we have the right spellings of names. Next, we certify the translation and attach our certification on top. The originals are often placed on top of the translations. The USCIS expects certified translations to comply with the requirements it has posted on its official website. We constantly monitor this website and keep up with the most recent changes to the rules. Individuals who want certified translations for USCIS can bet on our services for the translation of their personal documents. We hope to speak with you if you are searching for a company based in LA for the translation of your documents for an immigration application.

What Is a Certified Translation?

Individuals who contact us regarding our certified translation services often ask what is meant by a “certified translation”. Some have heard from the school they are applying to that they need to search for academic document translation services, but they have a vague understanding about its meaning. They wonder what distinguishes a certified translation from a non-certified one. Furthermore, they ask whether a certified translation must be notarized too. A certified translation is not the same thing as a notarized translation. A certified translation is executed by an experienced translator who is competent in the source and target languages. A notarized translation, on the other hand, is one that is translated by a professional translator and signed in front of a notary public. Students from foreign countries who are planning to send their paperwork obtained in their home country to a U.S school can rely on our organization for the certified translation of their academic documents.

We are fully comfortable providing certified translations for academic documents because we have a lot of experience translating documents for individuals who wanted a certified translation. Our translators have translated many documents for international students. They possess an in-depth knowledge of the terminology used in academic documents. They are ready to serve you top-quality translation services. We keep up with the requirement of educational institutions regarding foreign language documents. Most of them expect translations to be certified and attached to a copy of the original. We certify diplomas and transcripts along with any other document that international students submit to us. We will also attach a copy of the foreign-language document to the translation. A certified translation is one that is prepared by a professional translator and attached to his/her certification. In their declaration the translators state that they are fluent in the pair languages in question and that they have translated the document to the best of their knowledge.

We follow the guidelines for certified translations such that our translations can be presented to colleges and universities in the United States. We stamp and seal the translations so the school representative can tell the translation was completed by our company. We encourage you to visit our homepage and inner pages to learn more about our certified translations for transcripts and diplomas. You can reach out to us with questions about our academic document translation services. A specialist will try to assist you. You can scan and email us your academic records and certificates for a quote.