Information You Can’t Ignore in your USCIS Application

Some individuals who are working on an immigration application think that they can skip reading the section about certified translation of foreign-language documents. They think that reading information about certified translations for USCIS is something they can skip and still complete their application successfully. They believe that they can submit their personal documents including birth certificate and marriage license without their certified translations. Those who ignore the instructions often experience delay in the application process. They will be asked to resubmit their paperwork with translations that meet their guidelines. Since we handle the translation of many documents for immigration lawyers we know that applicants cannot ignore this information. We constantly check for updates and changes to immigration rules for certified translations so that our clients receive translations that are acceptable for their immigration application.

We translate birth certificate, criminal background checks, ID cards, etc. We can offer faster turnarounds on our rush service. Some individuals who have not reviewed the relevant information online ask us whether they have to notarize the translations. Although we can notarize certified translations the USCIS does not require translations to be notarized. If you want the translations for any other purpose you can ask the intended recipients whether they need the translated documents to be attached to the notary’s acknowledgement. We can translate documents from any of the major world languages into English. For example, we can translate a birth certificate from Spanish into English. Likewise, we can translate and certify a marriage certificate from French into English. We encourage you to contact us with the details of your project including the source and target languages to get a quote.

CACFTI is a one-stop company for immigrants and immigration attorneys who are looking for certified translation services. We keep up with the most updated information about the requirements of immigration authorities for foreign-language documents. We cannot ignore important information about updates to the rules and neither can you! If you are working on an immigration application and are ready to translate your personal documents from a foreign language into English, you can scan/email us all the pages to get an estimate and turnaround time. Please be sure to check out our other blog entries about certified translations for USCIS. We welcome questions if you need clarification. Please feel free to call or email us with your questions and comments. If you want to know more about certified translations and our company, you can see our main page for additional information.

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