Useful Resource for Foreigners who Fight Cases in the U.S.

Sometimes one document can make a difference in a court’s ruling. Individuals who consider a foreign-language document critical to their case can reach out to a company that offers court-certified translations. Lawyers sometimes have a link on their website for useful resources such as certified translations for courts. They are usually happy to direct their clients to that page where they can find information about how they can get their documents translated into English. Foreigners who are ready to present a case in an American court can speak with an attorney regarding the documents they must submit to courts. Plaintiffs can gather all the evidence they want to present to courts without having to worry about the source language. They can rely on legal translators to translate any document that is not in English but relevant to their case.

Professional translators are capable of translating documents accurately. They understand that each word and sentence is important because it might make a difference in the meaning of the text. They do their best to choose the right words in the target language. Once they have finished their translation they review their work to make sure they have properly translated everything. They also attach their certification to the translated documents to meet the requirements of courts. In California courts expect to see the translator’s declaration along with his/her original signature. Translation companies who have translated documents for law firms are good candidates for anyone who is looking for certified translation services. One key document can be decisive in a court. Foreigners who are seeking justice in an American court can expect to work with a translation company that can translate documents for legal purposes.

CACFTI collaborates with court registered and certified translators who have experience translating legal documents. They are ready to serve you top-quality translations that you can take to court with you. You can come to us with confidence because we have translated foreign-language documents for various law firms. We are knowledgeable of CA courts’ requirement for documents that are in a language other than English. Please speak with a representative about the documents you would like to have translated. We will need to know that you are seeking certified translations for courts. Thus, please be sure to mention that you need court-certified translations so that we assign the task to a translator with the right qualifications. We look forward to speaking with your about our top-quality translation services for legal documents.

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