Important Info about the Translation of Academic Documents

Students who have arrived in the United States with the intention of studying in a college or university often want to know what important information is needed. We have executed academic document translation services for international students so we can simplify matters for those who have trouble with this section in their application. Our translation services for academic documents are designed to meet the needs of students from foreign countries who are applying to a school in the United States. It is imperative for applicants to recognize that they cannot submit the original copy of their academic records to the university. Most educational institutions ask foreign applicants to submit a certified translation of their school transcripts and any degrees earned.

This information is important for any student who studied overseas and has foreign-language documents to present to the admissions office. Students who are not aware of this requirement or simply ignore it will probably find out that their application was rejected. Some schools will reach out to the applicant and explain the problem with the application. They instruct the international applicant to submit the certified translation of their academic documents. However, more competitive schools do not contact rejected applicants and request additional information. They receive a high number of applications so they can move on to reviewing other candidates’ application. International students usually have to pay a higher application fee than local applicants. Therefore, following the schools’ instructions will probably be beneficial for them. CACFTI is a leader in the translation industry. We work hard to make sure we bring our clients the best translations.

We are concerned about quality and timely translations so we are constantly trying to improve our processes. We carefully pick translators to complete your translations. Our translators’ skills in translating academic records and diplomas are unmatched. They have experience translating documents for international applicants. We are familiar with the procedure most schools in the United States require for foreign-language documents, and we are very interested in helping you with your application. We can email the translations to the admissions office or we can mail them the hard copy. Please let us know which method you prefer when you speak with a representative. We will need the email addresses of the contact person at the school or the mailing address. If you have just learned that you are supposed to seek academic document translation services for your academic records, please contact us for assistance.

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