Availability of Technical Translators for Academic Translations

Some students who have studied technical fields such as engineering abroad want to apply to graduate programs in the United States. Many schools that offer engineering programs have had trouble attracting local applicants. As a result, international students have experienced higher admissions rates. The availability of translators who specialize in academic document translation services is one factor that has contributed to such students’ successful application. Translators whose background is in the area of engineering can translate academic records from foreign languages into English. They are knowledgeable of the requirement of engineering schools and do their best to translate the text accurately. On the other hand, translators who are not familiar with the field of engineering usually do not know the subtle differences in technical language.

They might not be able to find the exact words in English to convey the message of the original document. They are available to translate the documents your university issued as well as the supplementary documents you are required to submit. For example, a graduate school in Los Angeles might ask international applicants to attach a letter of recommendation from a former professor. Students who come from non-English speaking countries might have to translate their letters of recommendation into English. Their former professors might not be fluent in English or simply feel more comfortable writing in their native language. Our translators who are comfortable translating technical documents can also translate letters of recommendation. Our translators are aware that all the parts of your application matter in your admissions process. They hope that you get admitted to the graduate program at the school of your choice. Their goal is to offer very satisfactory translations.

CACFTI simplifies academic matters for international students. Those who have majored in engineering or other technical fields and are ready to continue their education in the United States can rely on the expertise of our translators to get their transcripts translated. Our technical translators are dedicated to executing top-quality translations for your academic records. They are familiar with school curriculum and can find the right words in English to express the same meaning as the words printed on your transcripts. We can also translate the certificate that your school has issued upon the completion of your degree. Please check with us regarding the availability of our technical translators if you need to have your documents translated urgently. We look forward to reviewing your academic documents and translating them from the source language into English.

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