Certified Translations for Immigration Department by CACFTI

Immigrants who are wondering how they can get a certified translation of their birth certificate are encouraged to contact us for assistance. We have extensive experience translating various types of documents for immigration purposes. Foreign nationals who need certified translations for USCIS should contact an expert who can guide them through the process. We are very professional and possess a lot of experience in translating documents for immigration attorneys as well as immigrants who needed a certified translation for a visa application. Our translators’ skill in translating birth certificates is unmatched. They strive to prepare high-quality translations of any document that is assigned to them. The Immigration Department of the United States requires that the translations are accompanied by the translator’s certification.

We are familiar with these guidelines and attach the translator’s declaration to the translated documents. Our translations are acceptable for immigration purposes. We hope that you consider our services if you want top-quality translations. We can translate documents from various languages into English so that you can submit them with your application. We always try to exceed the expectation of our clients who ask for certified translations. Our translations are well executed. We also stamp and seal the pages according to the guidelines of immigration. You can email us a copy of your birth certificate to get a quote. Please let us know that you will be using this translation for an immigration matter so that we supply the right certification. We can prepare multiple copies if you would like to have one for your records and another one for your immigration lawyer or another third party. Please let us know how many certified copies you would like us to mail you.

Finding information about the requirement of immigration and homeland security is easy. However, getting in touch with a great certified translation services provider is a bit tougher. It is not always clear which company offers the best translations. If you are looking for top companies for USCIS certified translations, be sure to visit www.cacfti.org. See our “contact us” page to learn how you can reach us. If you would like to email us a document for a quote, we would be happy to provide an estimate for your project. We are a leading firm in Los Angeles that provides certified translations for USCIS and courts of California. Please let us know how we can help you with the translation of your personal documents such as a birth certificate.

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