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Certified Translation of Vocational Degrees

Foreigners who pursue a vocational degree in the United States usually go back to their home country with the intention of using their certificate to find a job. If their destination is a non-English speaking country they will have to translate their degree obtained from the United States. Rendering academic document translation services while they are still abroad might be a good idea. Students might benefit from translating their degrees upon earning it because when they return to their home country they do not have to wait for a local translation company to translate the degree. They can immediately look for employment opportunities upon their return because they have the translation of their degree. For example, individuals who attend a beauty school in Los Angeles and want work in Lebanon as hair stylists will have to translate their degree into Arabic.

Beauty salons in their home country will expect to receive a copy of the degree in the original language and the Arabic translation. Their application might be considered incomplete if they are not able to present a copy of their degree in the local language. Failing to provide the certified translation of the English-language vocational degree might cause delays in their employment process. International students who have completed a vocational degree in the U.S. should get in touch with a reliable translation company regarding the translation of their academic documents. While they are still in the United Sates they can reach a translation company regarding the translation of their certificate. The beauty school that they have attended can probably provide an electronic copy that they can forward to the translator. If not, the student can scan the document and email it. California Center for Translation & Interpretation congratulates you on your accomplishments as an international student. We hope that studying in the United States help you land your dream job back home.

Please send us a copy of the vocational degree you have earned and let us know to which country you will be taking it. We support the translation of academic documents for various languages. We will be happy to assist you with the translation of your degree from English into a foreign language. You can visit our main page for more information about our academic document translation services. We are sure that you will be 100% satisfied with our services. Our academic translators and editors have experience translating vocational degrees and other school-related documents. Ask us how we can help you get the certified translation of your academic documents!

Translation of Medical Documents in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles hospitals, such as Cedars Sinai, frequently admit patients who do not speak English fluently. By seeking the assistance of professional translators who are fully comfortable with medical translation they can break language barriers and help their patients. Staff members who do not speak a second language rely on translators who specialize in medical translation to communicate with such patients. Experienced translators who are committed to translating medical documents accurately come from well-established companies. They have all the skills and qualifications that hospitals expect from professional translators. They are knowledgeable of medical language and their translations sound natural to a native speaker.

California Center for Translation & Interpretation would be a terrific choice for professionals in the medical field who need to communicate with non-English speaking patients. Our translators are proficient in the source and target languages they work in. They are confident that they can translate all the documents you use in your hospital or medical office. We can translate various types of documents that hospitals and medical offices want to present to their patients. For instance, those who do not speak English and seek urgent care at a medical facility might want to see a copy of the application that they are expected to fill out. We translate applications that patients are required to complete when they are admitted to the hospital. We will format the translated document to match the original English application. We can also translate medical reports that your patients need to see so that you can have a more open conversation with them about their medical condition.

Our translators have experience translating reports, prescriptions, test results, medical history, physician statements, etc. They are ready to assist you communicate clearly with your patients. Doctors and hospital staff who do not speak foreign languages have nothing to worry about when they deal with non-English speakers. They can contact a reliable translation company in Los Angeles and get their assistance. We have all the tools you need to exchange information with your patients in a medical setting. We would love to answer your questions about our medical document translation services. We invite physicians and others in the medical sector to visit us online to learn more about our services. We are a translation company in Los Angeles, CA. We will hear from you if you are seeking medical interpretation or translation services. A great Los Angeles company can assist you communicate with your patients.

English-Language Evidence for Patent Infringement

Patent infringement cases are usually very involved. They might take years to settle. They are even more complicated for foreigners who want to bring a lawsuit against a defendant in the United States. Such lawsuits create complications for intellectual property lawyers because the patent in question and all the supporting documents are in a language other than English. In such cases legal representatives will rely on certified translations for courts to present their case. Lawyers who have experience representing foreigners are familiar with the requirement of courts in the United States. They have worked with a reliable translation company that offers certified translations for legal documents. In a patent infringement lawsuit the plaintiffs should gather all the evidence that point to the violation of their intellectual property rights. They should also find a competent translator who can be trusted with the translation of their documents.

A patent dispute might be a lengthy process that requires the translation of lengthy documents. Rendering the services of California Center for Translation & Interpretation is one way of reducing the chances of problems in courts. We understand that translating documents for courts is a serious matter. We assign such projects to translators who are approved by courts. We provide certified translations for documents that lawyers want to submit to courts in the United States. We attach the translator’s declaration to the translation so that you can present your patents and other documents to courts. When foreigners decide to submit their patents to U.S. courts they should take note that their documents will be rejected if they are not in English. Therefore, individuals from non-English speaking countries who plan to sue a party in the United States should collaborate with a local translation company. We would love to hear from intellectual property attorneys who are assisting clients from foreign countries.

We can translate your patents effectively. Although patent holders do not find themselves in courts all the time some do try to sue parties that have violated their intellectual property law rights. When foreigners want to present their case in an American court they must make sure that all the documents they have are in the English language or translated. We offer high-quality certified translations for courts. Our talented translators who specialize in legal translations are capable of translating patent specifications. They can also handle other legal documents that you must submit to courts. Please contact us to learn more about our court-certified translation services.

Benefits of Certified Translations in Visa Applications

As a part of your green card application you might be seeking to get your birth certificate translated into English. You might benefit from contacting us about certified translations for USCIS because our translations are compliant with the guidelines of immigration. We constantly check the requirements to make sure we keep up with the most recent updates. We translate all the personal documents that you might need to submit with your application. You can review the list of documents that individuals commonly need translated on our homepage.

California Center for Translation & Interpretation is a trusted service provider for the translation of the documents you need to present to USCIS. We offer unmatched quality for all the major world languages. We translate documents from French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Farsi, and many other languages into English. For example, if you were born in a country whose official language is French the language of your birth certificate will be French. You cannot submit the original French-language birth certificate to immigration along with your visa application. Applicants who do not realize the benefits of certified translations for immigration might soon learn that their application was rejected. You will benefit from our French translation services because we have experience translating birth certificates from French into English. We encourage you to visit our website for more information about our certified document translation services.

We hope that you consider us, a translation company in Los Angeles, if you need to have documents translated for immigration purposes. We try very hard to provide impressive translations because customer satisfaction is very important to us. We are sure that once you have asked us to translate your birth certificate you will return to us if you need additional documents translated. Please kindly reach out to us if we can help you with the certified translation of your birth certificate for immigration purposes. We will assign the project to a translator who has extensive experience translating similar documents. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our work. You will notice the benefits of getting a certified translation from our company because the process will be very smooth. Your translation will be ready quickly so that you can include it with your application. If you contact us about our certified translations for USCIS, you will see why we have grown to become a leading provider of professional translation services. You can send us a copy of your birth certificate for a quote.

Why We Love Translating for International Students

International students who contact us usually ask us to translate their diplomas and other academic documents from a foreign language into English. We are very happy to assist students from foreign countries who are looking for academic document translation services. We rely on experienced translators to translate the documents that international students submit to us. Our translations are presentable and perfect for educational institutions that require certified translations. Our translators who specialize in academic translation have provided services for many students. They possess extensive knowledge of the vocabulary used in transcripts and certificates. They translate the documents that you present to them with the intended audience in mind.

They understand that admissions offices at colleges and universities wish to receive translations that are clear and accurate. Our translators focus on providing high-quality translations. They proofread the translated diplomas to make sure everything has been translated. They love what they do, and they hope to hear from international students who need to submit the translation of their academic documents to a school in the United States. We translate academic records and diplomas from foreign languages into English. If you have completed a degree in a non-English speaking country you can take advantage of our certified translation services when you apply to schools in the United States. For example, students who have obtained a degree from a university in France and would like to apply to a graduate school in the United States can submit their certificate to us. We will provide a quote for the certified English translation of the diploma. Once you have confirmed the project with our company we will assign the task to a professional translator who can execute a great translation. We understand that you might need to meet a tight deadline. Therefore, we offer rush services for urgent translation projects. If you would like us to provide a quick turnaround, please let us know.

California Center for Translation & Interpretation warmly invites international students to visit its inner page on academic document translation services. We also would love to hear from academic advisors who assist international applicants. Whether you are applying to an American school or you work in the international student office we can help you with your translation needs. All documents can be sent to us by email. We suggest that you contact us immediately with a copy of the documents you would like us to translate.

Serving Foreigners in Los Angeles

In the city of Los Angeles many people speak English as a second language. Such individuals might know a little bit of English but still prefer to read text in their first language. Companies that serve this segment might find value in translating their official website into foreign languages. The city’s foreign-born residents often have trouble reading and understanding English. Businesses that operate in Los Angeles can better communicate their offerings by translating their website into the languages most widely spoken in the city. Accommodate non-English speakers might prove to be beneficial to certain businesses. Immigration lawyers who practice in Los Angeles, for example, might find a multilingual website helpful. Immigrants whose family members want to move to the United States are often interested in speaking with an immigration attorney about the process.

They ask questions about the documents they need to submit with their visa application. Potential clients who look for information about lawyers online will have an easier time understanding the details if they can read the text in their native language. Immigration law professionals might consider translating their websites into foreign languages to better satisfy the needs of potential clients who are not proficient in English. Presenting an overview of their services will be useful for visitors who want to learn what the law firm has to offer. Translating the information for non-English speakers is a great way of reaching new markets. Using the language option on the website, such site visitors can switch to the translation so that they can clearly understand how the immigration lawyer they are considering can help them. They can also find out the best way to get in touch with a specialist who can assist them. A translation company in Los Angeles can serve firms that want to have their website translated into multiple languages.

California Center for Translation & Interpretation is a fine entity based in Los Angeles that is committed to providing top-quality language translation services. Attorneys and professionals in other fields who want to have a multilingual website can contact us to learn more about our translation services. We can translate websites for companies in Los Angeles as well as other cities. We encourage immigration lawyers and anyone else with a business website to contact us about our professional translation services. Getting a website translated by a Los Angeles translation is easy. Please speak with a representative about our website translation services to learn more. We can translate legal websites and content in other areas.

Certified Translations in Courts of Los Angeles

Lawyers in Los Angeles who assist non-English speakers often need professional translation and interpretation services. When they want to communicate with such clients about a lawsuit they can request non-certified translations. However, when they go to court with their client they should be sure to book the services of a translator who has been approved by the state’s courts. The client might want to provide the details of the case for a quote or consultation. For such purposes the lawyer does not necessarily need to work with a court-certified translator. However, when the client wants to appear in a court he/she must be accompanied by a certified translator. Attorneys who seek certified translations for courts will come to trials prepared. They will effectively remove language barriers because the translators are allowed to translate for courts.

They prevent complications by rendering the services of a well-qualified translator with experience in legal translations. Translators who are court registered or certified are qualified to translate for non-English speaking parties who appear in courts. Many professionals in the legal industry who have contacted California Center for Translation & Interpretation have returned to us for additional services. They have been satisfied with our translation services the first time they contacted us so they decided to come back to us when they needed language translation services again. Our focus is on providing legal translation services that meet the needs of our clients who practice law. Lawyers who do not speak a second language do not have to turn away clients due to language barriers. Those who learn about reliable translation companies will successfully hold a conversation with their clients who do not speak English.

Firms that focus on providing satisfactory services offer great translations whether they appoint a certified or a non-certified translator to a project. We understand that having a well-qualified translator for a trial is very important. We will book you a translator who has been approved to work in courts when your client needs to speak before a jury. Please let us know that you expect the translator to provide services in a court so that we book you a translator with the proper qualifications. We are happy that you have considered us for your legal translation needs. We look forward to having the opportunity to speak with you about our court-certified translation services. We hope to hear from you if your client is scheduled to make an appearance in a Los Angeles court. Getting certified translations for courts in California is simple. All you have to do is contact us with the details of your project.

Certified Translation of Business Plans

Foreigners who are looking to submit a business plan to USCIS for an EB-5 visa must meet the entity’s requirements. A compliant business plan contains certain elements and comes with all the supporting documents. Parties that draft business plans but do not speak English fluently seek certified translations for USCIS because all documents must be in English. If you are planning to work on an EB-5 project you should be ready to present your business plan to USCIS. Your preparation of a compliant business plan will detail all the necessary elements. For example, you will need to include the description of the business, the business structure, marketing plan, personnel experience, and financial projections. In addition, the foreign language documents will be accompanied by their English translations.

If you are including the resume of your personnel you must make sure that they are in English or the English translations are attached. Translating a business plan and all the supporting reports is a refined area of specialty. The translator has to be intimately familiar with the language of business plans. You have worked hard to develop a formal business plan and included all the section according to the guidelines presented to you. You have started a process with a goal in mind. You want professional translations that you can include with your application. We provide the services you will need to submit your foreign-language documents to immigration authorities. Now you can work with a company that is focused on translating business plans clearly and effectively. We also translate other documents that you might want to send them along with your business plan. We have learned how to ensure that you will get high-quality translations for USCIS.

We will review your documents and determine which translator will be the best choice for the translation of your project. It is crucial that the translation of the documents are high-quality and presentable. Please contact us today for a quote. We offer what is important to you. We handle the translation of many types of documents. We will give you personalized and prompt service. We believe that you deserve the best and will strive to deliver top-quality translations. Please email us your business plans or any other document that you need for a visa. You will be impressed by the efficiency of our process. We provide support throughout the translation process. If you want experienced translators to complete the translation of the documents you need for immigration purposes, please ask us about our certified translations for USCIS.

Degree Evaluation vs Degree Translation

Students who have moved to the United States and want to attend a graduate school need to find out what their degree earned at home is equivalent to in the U.S. They sometimes confuse the difference between degree translation and evaluation when they hear that their foreign-language documents won’t be acceptable for admissions to American schools. They believe that getting certified translations for academic documents is the same as rendering degree evaluation services. Very often we have to explain to international students that translating a certificate is not the same as evaluating a degree. Translating an academic document is the first step such individuals have to complete. Once they have the certified translations they can contact a degree evaluation services provider.

California Center for Translation & Interpretation does not offer degree evaluation services. However, we translate academic degrees and school transcripts from foreign languages into English for international students. We attach a copy of the original documents to the certified translations so that your intended recipient can refer back to them if necessary. Our clients can simply submit our certified translations to agencies that offer degree evaluation services. If they require the translated documents to come directly from our company, please let us know. We can either mail the hard copies to the entity of your choice or we can forward them the digital copies of the translations. If you would like us to mail multiple copies to more than one educational institution, please provide their mailing address. We enjoy hearing from international students who are looking for academic translation services.

Translating academic records is our area of specialty. Colleges and universities that ask international students to send them the translation of their academic documents rarely provide detailed information about which companies offer certified translation service for school transcripts and degrees. Our organization satisfies the needs of students from non-English speaking countries who hold a degree from their home country. Our translators who have experience delivering academic document translation services are ready to assist you if you need certified translations for admissions purposes. Graduate schools use these documents to determine whether a degree obtained in a foreign country is equivalent to the one earned in the United States. Please ask a representative how you can get certified translations for academic documents. For faster turnaround you can request rush service. We do everything we can to make the process convenient for international students. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you to help you with your admissions to a school in the United States.