English-Language Evidence for Patent Infringement

Patent infringement cases are usually very involved. They might take years to settle. They are even more complicated for foreigners who want to bring a lawsuit against a defendant in the United States. Such lawsuits create complications for intellectual property lawyers because the patent in question and all the supporting documents are in a language other than English. In such cases legal representatives will rely on certified translations for courts to present their case. Lawyers who have experience representing foreigners are familiar with the requirement of courts in the United States. They have worked with a reliable translation company that offers certified translations for legal documents. In a patent infringement lawsuit the plaintiffs should gather all the evidence that point to the violation of their intellectual property rights. They should also find a competent translator who can be trusted with the translation of their documents.

A patent dispute might be a lengthy process that requires the translation of lengthy documents. Rendering the services of California Center for Translation & Interpretation is one way of reducing the chances of problems in courts. We understand that translating documents for courts is a serious matter. We assign such projects to translators who are approved by courts. We provide certified translations for documents that lawyers want to submit to courts in the United States. We attach the translator’s declaration to the translation so that you can present your patents and other documents to courts. When foreigners decide to submit their patents to U.S. courts they should take note that their documents will be rejected if they are not in English. Therefore, individuals from non-English speaking countries who plan to sue a party in the United States should collaborate with a local translation company. We would love to hear from intellectual property attorneys who are assisting clients from foreign countries.

We can translate your patents effectively. Although patent holders do not find themselves in courts all the time some do try to sue parties that have violated their intellectual property law rights. When foreigners want to present their case in an American court they must make sure that all the documents they have are in the English language or translated. We offer high-quality certified translations for courts. Our talented translators who specialize in legal translations are capable of translating patent specifications. They can also handle other legal documents that you must submit to courts. Please contact us to learn more about our court-certified translation services.

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