Benefits of Certified Translations in Visa Applications

As a part of your green card application you might be seeking to get your birth certificate translated into English. You might benefit from contacting us about certified translations for USCIS because our translations are compliant with the guidelines of immigration. We constantly check the requirements to make sure we keep up with the most recent updates. We translate all the personal documents that you might need to submit with your application. You can review the list of documents that individuals commonly need translated on our homepage.

California Center for Translation & Interpretation is a trusted service provider for the translation of the documents you need to present to USCIS. We offer unmatched quality for all the major world languages. We translate documents from French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Farsi, and many other languages into English. For example, if you were born in a country whose official language is French the language of your birth certificate will be French. You cannot submit the original French-language birth certificate to immigration along with your visa application. Applicants who do not realize the benefits of certified translations for immigration might soon learn that their application was rejected. You will benefit from our French translation services because we have experience translating birth certificates from French into English. We encourage you to visit our website for more information about our certified document translation services.

We hope that you consider us, a translation company in Los Angeles, if you need to have documents translated for immigration purposes. We try very hard to provide impressive translations because customer satisfaction is very important to us. We are sure that once you have asked us to translate your birth certificate you will return to us if you need additional documents translated. Please kindly reach out to us if we can help you with the certified translation of your birth certificate for immigration purposes. We will assign the project to a translator who has extensive experience translating similar documents. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our work. You will notice the benefits of getting a certified translation from our company because the process will be very smooth. Your translation will be ready quickly so that you can include it with your application. If you contact us about our certified translations for USCIS, you will see why we have grown to become a leading provider of professional translation services. You can send us a copy of your birth certificate for a quote.

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