Why We Love Translating for International Students

International students who contact us usually ask us to translate their diplomas and other academic documents from a foreign language into English. We are very happy to assist students from foreign countries who are looking for academic document translation services. We rely on experienced translators to translate the documents that international students submit to us. Our translations are presentable and perfect for educational institutions that require certified translations. Our translators who specialize in academic translation have provided services for many students. They possess extensive knowledge of the vocabulary used in transcripts and certificates. They translate the documents that you present to them with the intended audience in mind.

They understand that admissions offices at colleges and universities wish to receive translations that are clear and accurate. Our translators focus on providing high-quality translations. They proofread the translated diplomas to make sure everything has been translated. They love what they do, and they hope to hear from international students who need to submit the translation of their academic documents to a school in the United States. We translate academic records and diplomas from foreign languages into English. If you have completed a degree in a non-English speaking country you can take advantage of our certified translation services when you apply to schools in the United States. For example, students who have obtained a degree from a university in France and would like to apply to a graduate school in the United States can submit their certificate to us. We will provide a quote for the certified English translation of the diploma. Once you have confirmed the project with our company we will assign the task to a professional translator who can execute a great translation. We understand that you might need to meet a tight deadline. Therefore, we offer rush services for urgent translation projects. If you would like us to provide a quick turnaround, please let us know.

California Center for Translation & Interpretation warmly invites international students to visit its inner page on academic document translation services. We also would love to hear from academic advisors who assist international applicants. Whether you are applying to an American school or you work in the international student office we can help you with your translation needs. All documents can be sent to us by email. We suggest that you contact us immediately with a copy of the documents you would like us to translate.

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