Certified Translation of Vocational Degrees

Foreigners who pursue a vocational degree in the United States usually go back to their home country with the intention of using their certificate to find a job. If their destination is a non-English speaking country they will have to translate their degree obtained from the United States. Rendering academic document translation services while they are still abroad might be a good idea. Students might benefit from translating their degrees upon earning it because when they return to their home country they do not have to wait for a local translation company to translate the degree. They can immediately look for employment opportunities upon their return because they have the translation of their degree. For example, individuals who attend a beauty school in Los Angeles and want work in Lebanon as hair stylists will have to translate their degree into Arabic.

Beauty salons in their home country will expect to receive a copy of the degree in the original language and the Arabic translation. Their application might be considered incomplete if they are not able to present a copy of their degree in the local language. Failing to provide the certified translation of the English-language vocational degree might cause delays in their employment process. International students who have completed a vocational degree in the U.S. should get in touch with a reliable translation company regarding the translation of their academic documents. While they are still in the United Sates they can reach a translation company regarding the translation of their certificate. The beauty school that they have attended can probably provide an electronic copy that they can forward to the translator. If not, the student can scan the document and email it. California Center for Translation & Interpretation congratulates you on your accomplishments as an international student. We hope that studying in the United States help you land your dream job back home.

Please send us a copy of the vocational degree you have earned and let us know to which country you will be taking it. We support the translation of academic documents for various languages. We will be happy to assist you with the translation of your degree from English into a foreign language. You can visit our main page for more information about our academic document translation services. We are sure that you will be 100% satisfied with our services. Our academic translators and editors have experience translating vocational degrees and other school-related documents. Ask us how we can help you get the certified translation of your academic documents!

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