Birth Certificate Translation Services for USCIS

For immigration purposes you might know that you need a certified translation of your birth certificate. However, you might not be familiar with the process of getting a certified translation for a personal document. Preparing certified translations for USCIS is what we do at California Center for Translation & Interpretation. We are specialized in the field of professional translations for various types of documents including birth certificates. Our translators have extensive experience translating documents and are ready to translate yours too. You can simply leave this task to us and continue working on the other parts of your application. We have provided many clients with certified translations that they used for USCIS, and all the translations were accepted.

We know the exact requirement of the entity so our translations have never been rejected. We invite you to visit us online to find out more about our certified translation services. You do not have to create an account with us or fill out lengthy documents to begin. You can simply send us a digital copy of your birth certificate along with all the other documents you would like us to translate. Once you have made your payment we will start processing your order. We will let you know when the translation is ready. We can mail the hard copy to clients who do not live in Los Angeles or those who prefer not to pick it up from us. If you do not have any information about how to get your birth certificate translated for USCIS, please contact us for assistance. We can help you translate your documents for immigration. Our translation services are ideal for those who are seeking convenience and quality. Our translators possess excellent skills in translating documents from foreign languages into English.

We will certify the translated documents so that you can submit them with your visa application. You probably thought that the process would be complicated and cumbersome. However, once you have tried our company you will learn that getting a certified translation for immigration is actually very simply. We have translated many documents for immigrants in the United States so we know exactly what immigration authorities expect. We highly recommend that you get in touch with us if you need certified translations for USCIS. We will be happy to translate any document that is required for your visa application. Please scan and email us a copy of your personal documents. Our professional translators look forward to translating your birth certificates into English.

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