Using Patented Technology in the U.S. Might Violate IP Rights

Companies in the United States that use a patented technology developed by a foreign firm must be careful about legal issues. Even companies that are based in non-English speaking countries can bring a lawsuit against an American company that is infringing a patent. In fact, foreigners can search for certified translations for courts to seek justice in the American legal system. They can ask a court-certified translator to translate the documents that will help them prove their position in a court. Translators who are approved to translate documents for courts usually have experience translating patent specifications and licensing agreements. California Center for Translation & Interpretation offers what foreigners need in a patent infringement battle. Parties in foreign countries that are involved in a patent litigation in the United States can contact us about our court-certified translation services. We are dedicated to translating documents accurately for foreigners who are planning to appear in an American court.

Our translators look forward to translating documents that help you win the case. They will put their best effort into translating your patents and other legal documents. Law firms in the United States that represent companies based in non-English speaking countries often deal with patent infringement cases. We can assist them when it comes with presenting foreign-language documents to courts. We rely on professional translators to translate your patents in addition to all the other documents that you submit to us. The foreign companies that have an issue with the use of their patented technology in the U.S. might wish to bring a lawsuit in an American court. In order to seek damages they must present a strong case and evidence. If they think that they have a compelling argument against the American company, they can start gathering the documents that courts need to rule in their favor. Lawyers in the United States who are handling a case involving a foreign company do not need to panic when they are given patents that are in a language other than English.

We are here to assist law firms with their translation needs. Once we learn that you will be using the translated documents in a court we will assign the project to a translator who has the proper qualifications. We will also attach the certification that you can use in court. Our translators are caring and intelligent. They will translate your documents into English with great attention to detail. If you would like to learn more about how you can get certified translations for courts or you have a question about our legal translation services, please speak with a representative

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