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How to Get a Certified Translation from a Company in LA

Anyone in the United States who needs a certified translation for a document can contact California Center for Translation & Interpretation. Since all transactions can be completed online we take clients from all over the world. By following a few steps you can get a certified translation from a reputable translation company in Los Angeles. First, you have to figure out which documents you need translated. Second, you will scan the pages. Third, you get on our website and get our email address. You attach all the pages and send them to us via email. It also helps us provide an accurate quote and turnaround time if you let us know the target language and the purpose of the certified translations.

Once we receive your email we will respond with the information you have requested. If you would like us to proceed with the translation, you can let us know by email. We will send you a form that you can fill out with your payment information. When you fill out the authorization form and send it back to us the translation process begins. Our translator who specializes in the language pair you have specified will translate the document. When the translation is ready we will contact you. Clients usually have the opportunity to see the digital copy of the translations before we prepare the certified copy for pick up. After receiving the client’s confirmation we will prepare the certified translations. The certified copy will bear our stamp and seal. It will be attached to our official certification. We can ship the translation to you or just send you the electronic copy. Getting a certified translation can be confusing for people who are not familiar with the process. Many people do not know where to begin.

Requesting the certified translation of a document is very simple when you contact CACFTI, a firm based in LA. Individuals who live in other cities can take advantage of our high-quality translations executed by professional translators. Our services match the needs of anyone who wants the certified translation of a document for immigration purposes. We also offer certified translations for academic documents. You can follow the same steps regardless of the type of document you have. Please speak with a representative if you have questions about placing an order for a certified translation. Now that you have learned how you can get certified translations from a company in Los Angeles, please get in touch with us. We look forward to providing you certified translation services.

Taking Audio Recordings and Documents to Courts

When officials in the United States are accused of accepting bribes they can present evidence in court that suggests they are innocent. Likewise, the other side is allowed to introduce evidence to show that the officials are guilty of accepting bribes. Written evidence might be in a foreign language if the parties involved do not speak English as their first language. If they are planning to use the documents in a court they must seek certified translations for courts. California Center for Translation & Interpretation translates tapes and documents for all the major languages. Individuals who have tapes or documents that help them win a case can contact us about our certified translation services.

The plaintiff can show the defendant is guilty by translating emails that he exchanged with another party. Such emails can be translated into English by a court-certified translator and presented in court. In addition, recorded conversations can be transcribed and translated for California court. Our translators are experienced professionals who can translate both written language and recordings. They will carefully analyze the original text and try to choose the best words in English to convey the writer’s message. When they are asked to translate audio recordings they will listen to the dialogue and translate the conversation into English. They understand that accuracy of translations is crucial to the outcome of lawsuits. The lawyers representing both sides need the evidence to be translated impeccably. We understand that lawyers and their clients expect high-quality translations. Therefore, we enforce our standard company quality assurance procedure.

We appoint dedicated translators who have experience translating legal documents to your assignments. We pride ourselves in our exceptional document translations and interpretation of audio recordings. We offer speedy turnarounds for projects that need to go to a court urgently. We hope you consider our services if you need professional document translation. We serve a growing customer base and offer court-certified translations for many languages including Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and German. If you are a law firm and representing a client who has been accused of accepting bribes and you need to have certain documents translated to help you defend your client, please reach out to us. We would be happy to speak with you about certified translations for courts in California. Please let us know if you want to have a document translated from a foreign language to English for U.S. courts. We will assist you with the translations of your documents. Our goal is to offer certified translations that exceed your expectations!

Certified Translations of Marriage Licenses

Individuals who tied the knot in a non-English speaking country carry a marriage license that is in a foreign language. Such individuals who have changed their name due to marriage and need to replace their permanent residence card through the USCIS will be asked to submit a copy of their marriage license. When they look for information on how they can replace their permanent residence card they will learn that they will have to provide a copy of their marriage certificate. They will also find out that foreign-language documents must be accompanied by their certified translations. On the website they can find information about the forms and the supplementary documents that they need to send on the official website of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

People who do not follow directions and do not realize that their non-English marriage certificate must be translated into English will experience issues with their application. On the other hand, those who seek the certified translation of their documents from a professional translation company won’t have the same problems with their application. The accuracy of translations is very important for anyone who is requesting a replacement card. Accuracy is usually not an issue for reliable translators such as the ones we collaborate with because they are detail-oriented. They are fluent in English and they possess advanced translation skills. They can effectively translate documents into English for immigration purposes. They are concerned about translating every single line properly. If we are not sure about spellings of names or conversion of dates we ask the client to provide us with the information so that the translated documents match the applicant’s other legal documents.

California Center for Translation & Interpretation professionally translates official documents for USCIS. Our translators have experience translating personal documents such as birth certificates and marriage licenses. We can translate marriage license from foreign languages into English. We will attach our certification to the translations and stamp all the pages. Our certified translations can be used for immigration purposes. If your marriage certificate is in a language other than English, please scan and email us the document for a quote. We invite you to visit our page on certified translations for USCIS to learn more about our services. We are available to answer your questions or provide a quote. Please let us know if we can help you with the translation of your documents from a foreign language into English.

Certified Translations of Transcripts, Student ID Cards, & More

Foreigners who want to complete a degree in the United States often wonder what the best company for their certified translation needs is. They want academic document translation services from a firm that strives to exceed the expectations of its clients. They prefer an entity that relies on academic translators who have been working in the translation industry for years. California Center for Translation & Interpretation is a one stop company in Los Angeles for international students who intend to study in the United States. Our translators have professional experience translating diplomas, letters of recommendation, student ID cards, financial statements, academic transcripts, and research papers. They are ready to assist international students who are looking for certified translation services.

We handle the translation of many academic documents and invite you to contact us to learn more about our document translation services. We support many languages including Romanian, Dutch, German, French, Farsi, Arabic, and Japanese. All translations can be emailed and/or mailed. Students who have come to the United States to study at a college or a university might be asked to present a copy of their academic documents issued in their home country. Most educational institutions post their requirements for international students on their website or their counselors communicate the school’s expectations with prospective applicants. Some schools wish to receive digital copies of certified translations while others prefer to have the hard copies. Our academic document translation services are great for applicants who are planning to enroll in a college in the United States. We know that deadlines are crucial for your application to the school of your choice. Therefore, we take deadlines very seriously. We do everything we can to avoid delays in the translation process. Students who want quick turnaround times can ask us about our rush service.

We understand that international students like local ones must meet application deadlines. We will do our best to translate your documents before your deadline. Please let us know how quickly you want your academic records to be translated so that our translators can accommodate your needs. We are recognized for our quality and commitment to client satisfaction. We can be reached easily by phone or email. Please scan and email us your academic documents for a quote. We appreciate your interest in learning more about our academic document translation services. If you are searching for a translation company in Los Angeles to prepare the certified translation of your academic documents, we hope to hear from you.

Translation Company in LA, CA

Los Angeles is renowned for its diverse population. Spanish is unofficially the city’s second language because Los Angeles is home to a large Spanish-speaking community. Furthermore, a significant number of Brazilians live in the city, prompting high schools and colleges to offer Portuguese language courses. Since students are required by the state law to take language courses, many try to take a language that they can easily practice. The city’s Latin American immigrants offer Spanish and Portuguese learners many opportunities to practice their verbal and written language skills. Translators also benefit from this diversity because immigrants who live in Los Angeles often need to have their personal and legal documents issued in their home country to be translated into English. For example, they might need the certified translation of their birth certificates or academic records.

Employers usually ask for a copy of prospective employees’ birth certificate to verify their identity. Some colleges and universities request the certified translation of academic documents because they offer credit for courses taken abroad. An immigrant from Mexico who completed general education classes can submit the certified translation of his transcripts to the school. Some educational institutions waive general education requirements if applicants have already passes the courses in another country. Graduate schools might ask for a copy of an undergraduate degree earned abroad in addition to the certified translation. California Center for Translation & Interpretation is a leader in the industry. We are recognized as one of the most trusted names in the translation sector. We aim to set industry standards in terms of quality and innovation. We translate documents for immigrants in Los Angeles.

If you do not live in Los Angeles, do not worry! We have your needs covered. You can scan and email us your birth certificate, diploma, or any other document that you need to have translated into English. We support Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, and all the other major world languages. Our translators have years of experience translating documents from foreign-languages into English. Immigrants from non-English speaking countries who want the certified translation of a document for immigration or educational purposes are welcome to reach out to us for more information. If you want proven quality and convenient services, please contact us for assistance. We offer high-quality translations you can trust. You can expect a full range of translation services from CACFTI, a translation company in Los Angeles. We are committed to providing top-quality translations for all types of documents.