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Los Angeles is renowned for its diverse population. Spanish is unofficially the city’s second language because Los Angeles is home to a large Spanish-speaking community. Furthermore, a significant number of Brazilians live in the city, prompting high schools and colleges to offer Portuguese language courses. Since students are required by the state law to take language courses, many try to take a language that they can easily practice. The city’s Latin American immigrants offer Spanish and Portuguese learners many opportunities to practice their verbal and written language skills. Translators also benefit from this diversity because immigrants who live in Los Angeles often need to have their personal and legal documents issued in their home country to be translated into English. For example, they might need the certified translation of their birth certificates or academic records.

Employers usually ask for a copy of prospective employees’ birth certificate to verify their identity. Some colleges and universities request the certified translation of academic documents because they offer credit for courses taken abroad. An immigrant from Mexico who completed general education classes can submit the certified translation of his transcripts to the school. Some educational institutions waive general education requirements if applicants have already passes the courses in another country. Graduate schools might ask for a copy of an undergraduate degree earned abroad in addition to the certified translation. California Center for Translation & Interpretation is a leader in the industry. We are recognized as one of the most trusted names in the translation sector. We aim to set industry standards in terms of quality and innovation. We translate documents for immigrants in Los Angeles.

If you do not live in Los Angeles, do not worry! We have your needs covered. You can scan and email us your birth certificate, diploma, or any other document that you need to have translated into English. We support Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, and all the other major world languages. Our translators have years of experience translating documents from foreign-languages into English. Immigrants from non-English speaking countries who want the certified translation of a document for immigration or educational purposes are welcome to reach out to us for more information. If you want proven quality and convenient services, please contact us for assistance. We offer high-quality translations you can trust. You can expect a full range of translation services from CACFTI, a translation company in Los Angeles. We are committed to providing top-quality translations for all types of documents.

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