Translation of Wills for Courts in California

All documents that are presented in U.S. courts must be in the English language. Parties that wish to submit a foreign-language document to an American court should attach the certified English translation to the original. Individuals who seek court-certified translation services satisfy the state’s requirements. One type of document that is often submitted to courts is a will. An immigrant who does not speak English fluently might choose to write the will in his/her native language. A valid will in California is executed with the formalities required by the state laws. For example, the person who prepares the will must be at least 18 years old. The testator must be of sound mind and fully understand the document that he/she is writing. The will can be in any language.

The courts of California do not consider wills invalid just because the writer drafted them in a language other than English. A will does not have to be drafted in the English language to be submitted to probate. Translators who have been approved by courts can translate documents that were written in a foreign language. We assist people who want certified translations for courts. Our translators and proofreaders who have experience translating legal documents for courts and law firms are ready to assist anyone who needs to have a will translated into English. California Center for Translation & Interpretation translates wills from foreign languages into English. Wills along with other documents can be sent to us by email. Please let us know that you are planning to submit the translation to a court so that we attach the proper certification to the documents.

Our court-certified translators are committed to translating wills accurately so that our clients can conveniently submit to the documents to probate courts. Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible. All wills can be scanned and sent to us by email or dropped off at our office in Los Angeles. We do not need the original copy of the will. We are sure that you will be happy with our certified translations for courts. We rely on experienced translators to translate wills for our valued clients. If you want high-quality court-certified translation services, please reach out to us. If you do not have the will but would still like to get a quote, you can contact us with the details such as your deadline and the source language. We will try to provide an estimate without seeing the document.

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