Taking Audio Recordings and Documents to Courts

When officials in the United States are accused of accepting bribes they can present evidence in court that suggests they are innocent. Likewise, the other side is allowed to introduce evidence to show that the officials are guilty of accepting bribes. Written evidence might be in a foreign language if the parties involved do not speak English as their first language. If they are planning to use the documents in a court they must seek certified translations for courts. California Center for Translation & Interpretation translates tapes and documents for all the major languages. Individuals who have tapes or documents that help them win a case can contact us about our certified translation services.

The plaintiff can show the defendant is guilty by translating emails that he exchanged with another party. Such emails can be translated into English by a court-certified translator and presented in court. In addition, recorded conversations can be transcribed and translated for California court. Our translators are experienced professionals who can translate both written language and recordings. They will carefully analyze the original text and try to choose the best words in English to convey the writer’s message. When they are asked to translate audio recordings they will listen to the dialogue and translate the conversation into English. They understand that accuracy of translations is crucial to the outcome of lawsuits. The lawyers representing both sides need the evidence to be translated impeccably. We understand that lawyers and their clients expect high-quality translations. Therefore, we enforce our standard company quality assurance procedure.

We appoint dedicated translators who have experience translating legal documents to your assignments. We pride ourselves in our exceptional document translations and interpretation of audio recordings. We offer speedy turnarounds for projects that need to go to a court urgently. We hope you consider our services if you need professional document translation. We serve a growing customer base and offer court-certified translations for many languages including Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and German. If you are a law firm and representing a client who has been accused of accepting bribes and you need to have certain documents translated to help you defend your client, please reach out to us. We would be happy to speak with you about certified translations for courts in California. Please let us know if you want to have a document translated from a foreign language to English for U.S. courts. We will assist you with the translations of your documents. Our goal is to offer certified translations that exceed your expectations!

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