How to Get a Certified Translation from a Company in LA

Anyone in the United States who needs a certified translation for a document can contact California Center for Translation & Interpretation. Since all transactions can be completed online we take clients from all over the world. By following a few steps you can get a certified translation from a reputable translation company in Los Angeles. First, you have to figure out which documents you need translated. Second, you will scan the pages. Third, you get on our website and get our email address. You attach all the pages and send them to us via email. It also helps us provide an accurate quote and turnaround time if you let us know the target language and the purpose of the certified translations.

Once we receive your email we will respond with the information you have requested. If you would like us to proceed with the translation, you can let us know by email. We will send you a form that you can fill out with your payment information. When you fill out the authorization form and send it back to us the translation process begins. Our translator who specializes in the language pair you have specified will translate the document. When the translation is ready we will contact you. Clients usually have the opportunity to see the digital copy of the translations before we prepare the certified copy for pick up. After receiving the client’s confirmation we will prepare the certified translations. The certified copy will bear our stamp and seal. It will be attached to our official certification. We can ship the translation to you or just send you the electronic copy. Getting a certified translation can be confusing for people who are not familiar with the process. Many people do not know where to begin.

Requesting the certified translation of a document is very simple when you contact CACFTI, a firm based in LA. Individuals who live in other cities can take advantage of our high-quality translations executed by professional translators. Our services match the needs of anyone who wants the certified translation of a document for immigration purposes. We also offer certified translations for academic documents. You can follow the same steps regardless of the type of document you have. Please speak with a representative if you have questions about placing an order for a certified translation. Now that you have learned how you can get certified translations from a company in Los Angeles, please get in touch with us. We look forward to providing you certified translation services.

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