Degree Evaluation vs Degree Translation

Students who have moved to the United States and want to attend a graduate school need to find out what their degree earned at home is equivalent to in the U.S. They sometimes confuse the difference between degree translation and evaluation when they hear that their foreign-language documents won’t be acceptable for admissions to American schools. They believe that getting certified translations for academic documents is the same as rendering degree evaluation services. Very often we have to explain to international students that translating a certificate is not the same as evaluating a degree. Translating an academic document is the first step such individuals have to complete. Once they have the certified translations they can contact a degree evaluation services provider.

California Center for Translation & Interpretation does not offer degree evaluation services. However, we translate academic degrees and school transcripts from foreign languages into English for international students. We attach a copy of the original documents to the certified translations so that your intended recipient can refer back to them if necessary. Our clients can simply submit our certified translations to agencies that offer degree evaluation services. If they require the translated documents to come directly from our company, please let us know. We can either mail the hard copies to the entity of your choice or we can forward them the digital copies of the translations. If you would like us to mail multiple copies to more than one educational institution, please provide their mailing address. We enjoy hearing from international students who are looking for academic translation services.

Translating academic records is our area of specialty. Colleges and universities that ask international students to send them the translation of their academic documents rarely provide detailed information about which companies offer certified translation service for school transcripts and degrees. Our organization satisfies the needs of students from non-English speaking countries who hold a degree from their home country. Our translators who have experience delivering academic document translation services are ready to assist you if you need certified translations for admissions purposes. Graduate schools use these documents to determine whether a degree obtained in a foreign country is equivalent to the one earned in the United States. Please ask a representative how you can get certified translations for academic documents. For faster turnaround you can request rush service. We do everything we can to make the process convenient for international students. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you to help you with your admissions to a school in the United States.

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