Certified Translation of Business Plans

Foreigners who are looking to submit a business plan to USCIS for an EB-5 visa must meet the entity’s requirements. A compliant business plan contains certain elements and comes with all the supporting documents. Parties that draft business plans but do not speak English fluently seek certified translations for USCIS because all documents must be in English. If you are planning to work on an EB-5 project you should be ready to present your business plan to USCIS. Your preparation of a compliant business plan will detail all the necessary elements. For example, you will need to include the description of the business, the business structure, marketing plan, personnel experience, and financial projections. In addition, the foreign language documents will be accompanied by their English translations.

If you are including the resume of your personnel you must make sure that they are in English or the English translations are attached. Translating a business plan and all the supporting reports is a refined area of specialty. The translator has to be intimately familiar with the language of business plans. You have worked hard to develop a formal business plan and included all the section according to the guidelines presented to you. You have started a process with a goal in mind. You want professional translations that you can include with your application. We provide the services you will need to submit your foreign-language documents to immigration authorities. Now you can work with a company that is focused on translating business plans clearly and effectively. We also translate other documents that you might want to send them along with your business plan. We have learned how to ensure that you will get high-quality translations for USCIS.

We will review your documents and determine which translator will be the best choice for the translation of your project. It is crucial that the translation of the documents are high-quality and presentable. Please contact us today for a quote. We offer what is important to you. We handle the translation of many types of documents. We will give you personalized and prompt service. We believe that you deserve the best and will strive to deliver top-quality translations. Please email us your business plans or any other document that you need for a visa. You will be impressed by the efficiency of our process. We provide support throughout the translation process. If you want experienced translators to complete the translation of the documents you need for immigration purposes, please ask us about our certified translations for USCIS.

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