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Translating an Iranian Birth Certificate in Los Angeles

Many Iranians who have moved to California have settled in Los Angeles or Orange County. Those who are working on an immigration application and hold an Iranian birth certificate in the Farsi language might be wondering how they can get a certified English translation in LA. The vital records office in Iran has issued different versions of the birth certificate over time. Prior to the Islamic Revolution of 1979 birth certificates in Iran carried to emblem of the Imperial State of Iran. Documents that were printed after the revolution depict a different emblem. The stamps are different too. More recently the government has required citizens to obtain a national ID card. The birth certificates that have been prepared within the past year or so are slightly different. Some lines that were on the last page of the older version have moved to the first page of the most updated version.

CACFTI has vast experience and extensive experience in the translation of birth certificates from Persian to English. We have translated all three types of birth certificates that we described above. Our certified translations comply with the guidelines of USCIS so anyone who is completing a visa application and needs to submit a foreign-language document can contact us. Translating a birth certificate in Los Angeles is easy when you get in touch with us. We enjoy translating documents for foreigners. If you are from a non-English speaking country and you are looking for Farsi translation services or translation service for other languages, please reach out to us. We can translate Iranian documents as well as other documents in many other languages. We are a reliable entity committed to delivering high-quality translations for various languages.

We are confident that you will be happy with our Persian to English translations. Do not forget to mention the purpose of the translations so that we attach the right certification. Our translators who have handled the translation of many types of documents from Farsi to English are ready to assist immigrants from Iran. One common question that we get regarding the translation of documents for USCIS is whether we need the originals. For immigration purposes all we need is a photocopy of the birth certificate. If you have a Farsi-language birth certificate and you are looking for a certified English translation, please scan and email us the document. We are a company based in Los Angeles serving individuals and organizations with translation needs.

Certified and Notarized Translation for CA Courts

Many courts, such as the Los Angeles Superior Court, that are located in diverse cities hear cases that involve foreign-language documents. Some examples of documents that are used in courts include contracts, divorce decrees, and wills. Certified translations for courts enable individuals who have non-English documents to use the content in a legal case. Foreign-language documents can be used in various cases including patent litigations and business disputes. Documents that are prepared in a foreign language but are critical to a lawsuit can still be used in an American court given that they are translated by a court-approved translator.

CACFTI has ample experience with certified and notarized translations. We are glad that you have landed on our page in your search for certified document translation service. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our prompt and high-quality services. We are a reliable company, and we can translate many types of documents. We have translated many documents for law firms throughout the United States. We are familiar with the requirements of courts in the state for certified translations. Our translators who are very well qualified to translate documents from foreign languages into English are ready to assist you. If you have a non-English language document such as a contract that you would like to submit to a court in California, please contact us for immediate assistance. We can translate legal documents from various languages into English for court use. We can notarize certified translations if you know that the court needs notarization. We support many languages. For example, we can translate a divorce decree from French into English. We can also translate contracts from Spanish to English.

If you have any questions about our capability to handle your documents, you can speak with a representative. Our translators who specialize in legal translation will surely translate your documents impeccably. Please let us know that you are looking for certified and notarized translations for courts so that we provide both. We look forward to translating your documents for legal purposes. When you inform us that you will be using the translations for courts we will assign the task to a translator who has been approved to translate for courts. We look forward to reviewing your documents and helping you present your foreign-language documents in an American court. Please feel free to ask us about our court-certified translations or contact us for a quote. You can email us your documents for an estimate.

Professional Translation of Persian Birth Certificate for Immigration

Iranians who are working on an immigration application might be looking for certified translations for USCIS. They have gathered information about the procedure and know that they need to have a professional translator translate their Persian birth certificate into English. Translators who have been translating documents professionally for many years often have experience with birth certificates can execute a fine translation of personal documents. CACFTI provides premium quality translations for Farsi and other major world languages. We have successfully translated many birth certificates for immigrants.

All the translations that we prepare for immigration bear our official stamp, seal, and certification. We have translated documents for immigration lawyers and other people who intended to submit the translations to USCIS along with their application. We are familiar with the requirement of immigration authorities for visa applications. Therefore, we can provide translations that meet the guidelines of immigration. Please get in touch with us if you hold a Farsi birth certificate or other personal documents issued in the Persian language that you would like to have translated for immigration purposes. Our Farsi translators who have experience providing certified translations for USCIS are ready to help you. It is very easy to get a certified English translation for a Persian birth certificate. You can scan the document and send it to us by email. We will let you know how long we will take to translate the text and how much it will cost.

Once you have approved you will make your payment and the translation process begins. We usually send you the translation so that you can make sure all the information is correct. In some cases the spelling of names or dates could be slightly different because the letters of Farsi alphabet are different. You will have the opportunity to inform us of any issues. Finally, when you have confirmed the information we will prepare the hard copy. Many individuals from all over the country ask us whether we can serve them given that they cannot pick up the hard copy to use with their application. The good news is that we can mail translations so you do not have to be local to render our services. If you need the translation urgently, please let us know so that we can discuss expedited shipping. Please send us an email with a copy of the documents you need translated. A representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

Certified English Translation of Farsi Diplomas

College applicants who have completed their high school studies in Iran or other Persian-speaking countries are typically asked to provide a certified English translation of their diploma. The diploma is an important document because it represents the candidate’s successful completion of high school requirements abroad. Degrees that are printed in a foreign language are usually unacceptable for U.S. schools. Educational institutions in the United States usually expect international applicants to seek academic document translation services before they submit their application. Their primary function is not to translate documents. Thus, while some schools might have a multilingual staff to assist international applicants who call or send emails they do not support the translation of official documents. They rely on the candidates to get those documents translated. Farsi-speakers can get in touch with a company that offers Farsi to English translations for academic documents. They can let the representative know that they are looking for a certified translation of a Farsi diploma to submit with their college application.

Why You Need Your Farsi Diploma Translated

Academic institutions present a diploma to students who have successfully fulfilled their graduation requirements. Farsi-speakers who have attended high school in their home country and hold a degree from a school abroad sometimes need to have the document translated. Individuals who have decided to enroll in an American college often have to get their high school diploma translated into English. Many schools require a certified translation of academic documents. International applicants who hold a Farsi-language diploma should try to find out what other documents the college they are applying to needs to process their application. You might need to have your Farsi diploma along with transcripts translated.

CACFTI is a reliable firm in Los Angeles that focuses on top-quality translation services for Farsi and many other languages. We aim to deliver great translations for international applicants so that they do not experience any issues in the process. We understand that certified English translations of diplomas are important components in the application process. Therefore, we work hard to ensure that you receive the best translations. Please let us know if you have a Persian diploma that you would like to have translated into English. We will also need to know whether the English translation has to be certified. To learn more about our academic document translation services for Farsi, please visit us online or contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and translating your diplomas!

USCIS Translation: Portuguese Birth Certificates

Immigration attorneys who practice in diverse cities such as Los Angeles usually assist clients from various parts of the world. Portuguese speakers who intend to settle in the United States or obtain visa for a family members often prefer to get in touch with a Portuguese-speaking lawyer. Attorneys who specialize in immigration law and speak Portuguese cannot necessarily act as translators when it comes to translating documents for USCIS. They might inform their clients that they have to get their Portuguese birth certificates translated into English for immigration applications and refer them to a third party but do not execute the translation of documents. We have translated many documents for immigration law firms and are familiar with the requirements of USCIS for non-English documents. We can translate official documents issued in any Portuguese-speaking country.

Our translators who specialize in Portuguese translation produce translations that are culturally appropriate. If they come across a word that they think might mean two different things, they will try to conduct research to achieve accuracy. Translations are proofread as a part of our quality assurance process before they are sent to the client. We rely on the expertise of professional translators to prepare the translation of Portuguese-language documents. We can translate short birth certificates and longer documents such as divorce decrees. Our service is punctual and timely. We aim to deliver top-quality translations for all types of documents. CACFTI translates documents such as birth certificates from foreign languages into English. We understand that immigration lawyers assist individuals who need to have non-English language documents translated for a visa application. Our establishment is perfect for anyone who is looking for certified translation services. We have made the process extremely convenient and simple. We satisfy the need of professionals in the industry who focus on immigration law.

We can translate the birth certificate of your clients from Portuguese into English. All you have to do to get a certified translation is send us the documents via email and specify the target language. If you let us know that the translations will be used for U.S. immigration we will know that the target language is English. Our translators who possess advanced language skills and are fluent in English and Portuguese are interested in translating your documents pertaining to an immigration matter. If you are looking for a translation company in Los Angeles, please contact us. We are confident that you won’t be disappointed.

What is a Certified Translation for California Court?

Family attorneys who practice in California sometimes receive documents issued in foreign countries regarding divorce proceedings that they need to use in an American court. They want to know what type of translation is acceptable for this purpose. They ask what certified translations for courts means and what documents other than the translation need to be submitted. A certified translation for CA courts is one that has been executed by a translator who is approved to translate documents for courts. Such translators have met certain requirements and are qualified to translate documents for courts in California. Usually no documents other than the original, the English translation, and the certification have to be prepared. Individuals who wish to have the translations notarized can ask the service provider for notarization.

Some companies offer certified and notarized translations. What should a family lawyer do if his client has documents from a court in France regarding divorce proceedings? He can contact a company that offers certified translation services. CACFTI can effectively handle the translation of documents to be used in a court. We have translated documents for many law firms and other organizations. We are capable of translating various types of text from foreign languages into English. We can also translate documents from English to foreign languages. Our translators who are approved to translate foreign-language documents into English for courts are ready to assist the legal community. We will translate your documents and stamp/seal the pages so that the recipient can tell the documents came from our company. We will also provide the translator’s declaration along with the translations. We encourage law firms that specialize in family law to contact us with foreign-language documents pertaining to divorce proceedings.

We can also translate other types of documents. Intellectual property lawyers who are handling a patent litigation case can take advantage of our court-certified translations. Our translators who specialize in the translation of documents related to intellectual property and are approved to perform written translations for courts can help you. We are interested in translating your legal documents. Please get in touch with us if you need certified translations for courts. We have a team of talented translators who can translate text from foreign languages into English. They are familiar with legal terminology and have translated documents for professionals in the industry. We support many languages. When you email us your documents for a quote, please let us know that the translations will be used in a court.

Translation of Spanish Birth Certificate for USCIS

Spanish-speakers who are working on an application regarding an immigration matter are often aware that they will have to get their personal documents translated from Spanish to English. They seek certified translations for USCIS at some point during the process of filling out the application. Some applicants have a hard time understanding why their application was rejected or delayed. Many did not know that they had to submit a certified translation of their foreign-language birth certificate or other supporting documents. A birth certificate is often sent along with an application because it confirms the holder’s name, date of birth, place of birth, parents’ names, etc. Translators who specialize in Spanish to English translations and have handled the translation of documents for immigration authorities usually understand the importance of their work in the application process. They carefully review the Spanish text and translate it into English.

Companies that have experience with the translation of immigration-related documents translate the Spanish-language birth certificate and attach the translator’s certification. They also stamp and seal the pages. Immigration applications often require the applicant to submit a copy of the document in the original Spanish language along with the certified English translation. CACFTI is a company that is truly dedicated to meeting the needs of immigrants who are getting ready to submit a visa application. Our professional translation services are perfect for Spanish-speaking individuals who are in the process of completing an application for a visa. We can provide certified translations for Spanish-language documents. We have translated many birth certificates from Spanish-speaking countries and are confident in our ability to exceed the expectation of immigrants who need to have an English translation of their personal documents. You can rely on our experience and knowledge in the area of document translation to get your birth certificate translated.

We consider the translation of personal documents for immigration applications very important and do our best to deliver impeccable translations. Our Spanish translators are professionals who can produce top-quality translations. They can work from Spanish to English and vice versa. We are interested in hearing from you if you need to have a birth certificate issued in a Spanish-speaking country translated into English. Please get in touch with us to discuss our certified translations for USCIS and get a quote. You can email us your Spanish-language birth certificate and let us know you will be using the translations for immigration purposes to receive more information about how to get started.

All You Need to Know about Academic Translation

International students from all over the country contact us to learn about our academic document translation services. Our expertise in the area of professional translation services draws the attention of many individuals who need to have their school-related documents translated into English. Many of them have never applied to an educational institution in the United States. Now that they have moved abroad and intend to enroll in a college away from home they need to know how to go about getting their academic documents translated. The translation procedure is a new concept to such students so they want to know the basics.
The first thing international applicants should keep in mind that they do not have to drop the documents off at our office in Los Angeles. This is an important point for students who live far away from LA. Many students who reach out to us express concern about their inability to deliver the original documents in person. However, they do not need to worry about getting the documents to us. They can simply scan all the pages their school requires and send them to us via email. Students who know for sure that the academic institution they are applying to requests the originals can mail us the documents.
Students who have completed some courses in a non-English speaking country and hope to transfer their credits to an American school might have to provide course syllabus in addition to their transcripts. School transcripts usually indicate the course title, the number of units, and year taken. They do not go into depth about the scope of the course. The admissions office might ask for the course syllabus. Such documents can also be submitted to a translation company.
The last thing international students should know about academic translation is that the original document needs to be attached to the translation. Many colleges who take applications from international students would like to review the foreign-language document plus its English translation. Some admissions counselors use the foreign language documents to verify information.
CACFTI knows all about certified translations for educational documents. We have vast experience in the translation of academic records, degrees, syllabus, student ID cards, etc. We have received many inquiries from international students who were interested in getting their foreign-language documents translated into English. Please contact us about our academic document translation services if you are an international student. We are confident in our ability to exceed your expectations.

5 Steps for Translating a Contract in Los Angeles

Anyone who has a contract in English and would like to get it translated into a different language can follow a few simple steps to complete the process. Contracts are crucial in various types of relationships including employer-employee relationships. Employees who have agreed to work based on commission, for example, often have signed a detailed contract. In Los Angeles it is common for non-English speakers to sign such agreements. Non-English speakers rely on translation companies to understand the terms of the agreement before they sign it. The first step to get a contract translated into a foreign language is to find a translation company that offers legal translation services. A commission contract is an important legal document that indicates what percentage the employee will get for his/her work. It is imperative for the employer to consider companies that specialize in legal language.

Translators with a solid background in law and the legal field can usually translate contracts effectively. The second step is to send the translation company the document. Some firms take the original copy such that clients have to deliver the document or mail it to the office. Other organizations accept digital files so their clients can simply scan the pages and email them. The third step is to get a quote and confirm the project. After you have reviewed and approved the service provider’s quote and you can ask about the methods of payment they accept. You would make your payment in cases in which the service requires advanced payment. The fourth step is to get the electronic version to make sure everything is correct. Companies that are dedicated to customer satisfaction commonly provide their clients with the opportunity to review the translated material before they proceed with the hard copy.

The fifth step is to provide the address to which the translated contract has to be mailed. Individuals should also make a note if they require fast shipping. As a reliable company based in Los Angeles, CACFTI offers translation services for legal documents. We truly understand that the translation of a legal document can make a difference in the outcome of a case in court. A contract represents the mutual understanding between two parties and as such must be translated accurately. We would appreciate your consideration if you need to have an agreement translated from English into a foreign language. Please contact us with the detail of your project to get a quote.